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  1. How long can I leave my ferrets for?

    you must have someone who could look in just to feed and water them..... a friendly neighbour maybe.....
  2. One from last year

    cracking photos.... looks like all enjoyed the day
  3. Litter of pups

    nice looking ,well fed pups.
  4. First outing for young ferret

    nice one,the young kit seems well looked after. so he's happy to work for you
  5. old basil..

    i don't know if this has been posted before but here http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/203805
  6. 1st try with Pheasant Sausages

    they look so tasty..... well done
  7. old basil..

    he would urine on it. that would stop the poison....
  8. Feckin dogs eat better than I do.

    good on them...its not all in the size or looks. they look like they would have a good day after some rats. but not after all that nice steak...
  9. just tried...... not working
  10. Myla and Me on an Invite!

    good to see you had a nice day out
  11. Morning s decoying

    oooh nice dinners again
  12. Out with the youngsters

    lad looks very happy, dogs and ferret seem pleased too. at least he gets out and not stuck on a bloody computer.

    a couple of nice dinners you have there
  14. Rabbiter

    thanks grompz..
  15. Rabbiter

    thats a great photo... wish mine could use my catty
  16. Rabbiter

    cheers for that
  17. Rabbiter

    looks a bit like my boy
  18. Rabbiter

    nice looking dog you have there
  19. New layout

    what's happened to all the posts in the ferreting section..........
  20. Lost posts

    lost in the new forum snow storm.....
  21. Just The One Today

    well at least you got one and had a walk out
  22. Some Fun Today

    nice days work.... your dogs look well sorted and cared for. they enjoyed the day also by the look of them
  23. Just 1

    well the dog had some fun
  24. Proper Mixed Bag

    going on the geese in the morning buddy wish i could buy a couple of you. have a good day