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  1. new vas hob

    well done mate.... it has just cost me £84 to have my other hob done. where do you get your hutches made? send a pm
  2. The green green grass of home

    no it wasn't me officer
  3. The green green grass of home

    yep its a 68.
  4. The green green grass of home

    here's mine.......
  5. The green green grass of home

    great photos.... what year is the landy ? have one like it my self
  6. short eared owls

    great photos. thanks for sharing
  7. Beddy x

    this is my benny. a first cross beddy / whippet. he is 2yrs now.
  8. Few hours out with the old boy

    the dog may be older but i bet he's wiser...... cracking photos
  9. i am well thanks. going to get my hob snipped again!!!!!!!! hope its done properly this time, and not loads of kits this year
  10. nice write up mate, you done the right thing by your ferrets. that's good on you. hope all is well ?
  11. Hob vasectomy cost???

    taverham vets at fir covert road http://taverhamvets.co.uk/
  12. Hob vasectomy cost???

    been quoted £78 at my new vets
  13. sick ;people out there

    that's so sick... the cnuts want the same done to them
  14. Kings of Dorking

    the prices bring back memories...the books for one
  15. Sad News: Goodbye Fang the Muskrat Slayer

    sad news that. like watching her in all your posts. let's all hope she is enjoying the wild side now
  16. 5 this morning

    nice one .... dinners looks good. dogs look happy. you had a good time, what more could you ask for
  17. ferrets and nets nicked

    sad to hear ... to many cnuts like that. i feel sorry for your daughter pal, she has to take the brunt of this due to them b*****ds
  18. pheasant carcas

    where would i get something like that please ????
  19. pheasant carcas

    while at local game dealers for some ferret grub i asked about the carcases and was told they were sent to be burnt... could i feed some to my dogs ? i would mince them first!!! seems a lot of meat left when only the breast is used.....
  20. pheasant carcas

    thanks for the replies lads will give them some to try......
  21. pheasant carcas

    its free so i can get loads of it. just was thinking of the small bones etc.....
  22. pheasant carcas

    i just wondered if its ok to feed to the dogs after skinning them???
  23. i went to put abit of feed down

    oooh all those delightful dinners ..... enjoy your next shoot
  24. Wild ferret

    he should settle if he is treated right they know when they are on a good thing all best with him
  25. Brilliant vet

    all the best for tilly.... hope the vet can sort her for you