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  1. ruminations and ramblings

    I like them to enter earth work at about 12-14 month old, I started one off this season at nine months. Not my usual habits but she wanted it and everything was in her favour, that and she's got nothing but idiot hard dogs behind her. I personally think people expect to much, to quickly, there's a massive difference between starting and working. What I mean by that is just because you've dug a fox out of an extended rabbit hole once don't expect the same terrier to find in a massive disused badger sett. It's all about hours in the classroom and reading your terrier, you've got to know if it's mature enough for the job you're asking and wether it's got the experience to see it through. You only get experience on the job but there's been a expectancy for the vast majority of lads that once they've been dug to once or twice that they should accomplish anything that you throw at them come what may..................or it's PTS
  2. Breeding At 8 Years Old.

    A calculated risk, at the end of the day it's a personal choice, the bitch was fit and well so I went for it. It's the only time I've had to have a C section with this bitch, it didn't break the bank at £150 so I'm not complaining.
  3. New Midleton Lakeland Book

    Read the Middleton book by Frian, you think your confused now ! After I attempted it I had to go and have a lie down
  4. New Midleton Lakeland Book

    I got lost in the terrible writing of the first book, it seemed to go around in circles and in much the same way as you described the second, it didn't make sense
  5. Cork Stuff

    You can't judge a line by one dog, you can't judge a dog by one day. I've never seen one in the ground but they're certainly way to big for me, you'd need three or four hands to span them lol
  6. Fox Trap

    What's the full length Don ?
  7. Pup No Interest

    The lads have covered all bases, I've got nothing else to offer
  8. Young Pup Needing Bringing On..

    Some are gagging for work at 12 months and under, some aren't ready mentally until just shy of 2 years old. Even when they're started it doesn't mean you can throw work at them, you've still got to hold them back or find the right sort of earth's for their ability. Some thrive off more work, some thrive off a more steady approach, welcome to the headache of the working terrier world.
  9. Young Pup Needing Bringing On..

    Some Bedlington owner have waited years!!! I've run out of likes, I'd just like to make sure you know first hand how much I appreciate that lol
  10. Young Pup Needing Bringing On..

    Stay off the meths, it's started to cloud your judgementi Carnt get hold of any the Meir is drying up lolSounds like a market opportunity
  11. Young Pup Needing Bringing On..

    Yes I appreciate your reply but I don't know if she is any good as havnt tried her I've only shown her a couple of holes with a little interest but nothing major as I don't think she understands what's in them or what to do with them as she like I said she had seen nothing. That's why I'm asking on here if anyone could help me out if they have any local digs to me which could help her progress? Nope Im not having it, This its a wined up. Let the pup be a pup shes 8 months old ffs, you should be waiting at least another 8 months before even thinking of entering her into an occupied earth, are you in that much of a hurry to ruin your pup, then it will be onto gumtree with her as bushing terrier for sale. Slowly Slowly catch the monkey Well to be honest mate the reply I'm getting from you is the exact reason people Will become reluctent to even ask the question on places like this you jumping the gun straight away I never said I was going to put her in a stop end at the age she is and just because i was wanting her to come along to someone's dig did not mean for one minute she would be getting stuck into anything, just so she would have an idea of what it's all about. So I don't think at all me being in a rush to ruin my pup. And again I never said I would be entering her into an occupied earth anytime soon eaither, and I would never sell a dog on either if it wasn't doing what I wanted. I came on here for advice and to see if anyone could help me out and got a gun jumping reply from a tosser like you ✊ If you didn't want a stop end why ask for one, 8 months old and all you want to do is put it to the sharp end and f**k up whatever chance the pup had. You can back peddle all you want, better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a fool than to open it and remove any doubt. "BEHIND EVERY GOOD TERRIER MAN , IS A TERRIER MAN`S WIFE " Self confessed know it all twat.... I rest my case with you fella Not that I've got to explain myself to you but this is my wife's profile, named after her dog. If you want another observation from a self confessed know it all I can tell you that most of the best dog men have got a good stable life because there is indeed a good woman holding down the fort. They've got kennels to clean and dogs to feed , not to mention the medication they sometimes have to give all while the man of the house is out living the life working his dogs. I won't even start on the house work, washing and so on.........I wouldn't swap places with my misses for all the tea in China.
  12. Young Pup Needing Bringing On..

    The same bitch after her first fox, it's not rocket science, it's like shelling peas mate. The thing that's totally out of your control is what happens once your pup see's the sharp end, by hole ending you're going down the "shit or bust" route .
  13. Young Pup Needing Bringing On..

    The same bitch marking at 8-9 months old
  14. Young Pup Needing Bringing On..

    Bitch pup at 6 weeks old