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  1. First season dogs

    I've had plenty of youngsters that want more room than they need in their first season, it'll come right with experience.
  2. Mk3 long range collar

    There's a lad that beats on our estate that's always trying to get rid of a debans collar, I'll ask him tomorrow if he's still got it
  3. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    Rippem, if I've given a pup to someone they get a pedigree, no facts hidden, no B'S on the pedigree. It's much easier to refuse to give them one in the first place, much better still not to breed unless you need to, so there's nothing to sell. I gift my pups out, I TRY and find good working homes where they won't be used as a cash cow, it doesn't always work out, but I try.
  4. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    Another thread dead and buried
  5. Line breeding

    You've answered all your own questions, do whateveryou think best. The old dog would be my first choice, if you've only got one crack of the whip then I'd be using the young dog because unless the old dog is used at stud regularly he might not be fertile. If times on your side have him tested, that way you can be as certain as you can be that he'll produce the goods. If you've only got one chance and can't test the dog than I'd be using the young dog because his fertility should be better. As for breeding out of an untried bitch, who cares, as long as it's from a family of producer's then the odds are 100% in your favour. No one knows the outcome, I've used the best to the best and still bred shit. I've had a litter bred one way and produced shit, only for the same mating to happen again and all of the litter flew ! It's a duck shoot, all you can do is stack the odds in your favour. .........don'tlisten to anyone else but your own instincts
  6. hard terriers

    You can only piss with the dick you've got, if you've got hard terriers then work them accordingly, in the right sort of place. What's a man to do should his stock suddenly breed hard terriers ? Should he shoot the lot and try someone's inferior stock ? Or should he shut the f**k up and keep his head down until the said terrier changes its ways through work and education ! The lads that take pictures of heavily worked dogs do themselves no good and they certainly don't help the situation we're all in now............ leave the memories in your head and put your camera away
  7. working homes required

    I don't recall seeing any borders over there Fat man, I've got a soft spot for them though and if you'd had one going I'd of begged it for sure 😂
  8. Bert Gripton.

    Take that back you bitch 😂😂😂
  9. Bert Gripton.

    Ask someone who lives in his local area, he wasn't a friend of the poacher, terrier man or anything else unless it paid his bills, myths and legends Neil.
  10. Bedlingtons

    Topper I couldn't take you seriously once you mentioned Staley, I've done more digging in my back garden, the man's a fool and you'd be wise not to listen to fanciful shite
  11. Where To Get A Sharptooth?

    I'd of bollocked you up and down for that scruffy hole 😂
  12. ruminations and ramblings

    I like them to enter earth work at about 12-14 month old, I started one off this season at nine months. Not my usual habits but she wanted it and everything was in her favour, that and she's got nothing but idiot hard dogs behind her. I personally think people expect to much, to quickly, there's a massive difference between starting and working. What I mean by that is just because you've dug a fox out of an extended rabbit hole once don't expect the same terrier to find in a massive disused badger sett. It's all about hours in the classroom and reading your terrier, you've got to know if it's mature enough for the job you're asking and wether it's got the experience to see it through. You only get experience on the job but there's been a expectancy for the vast majority of lads that once they've been dug to once or twice that they should accomplish anything that you throw at them come what may..................or it's PTS
  13. Breeding At 8 Years Old.

    A calculated risk, at the end of the day it's a personal choice, the bitch was fit and well so I went for it. It's the only time I've had to have a C section with this bitch, it didn't break the bank at £150 so I'm not complaining.