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  1. dillydog

    A cracking few days north....

    http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-71441090.html http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-65348167.html Two more on the short list
  2. dillydog

    A cracking few days north....

    Nice little pad I've got my eye on RH, it's looking more than likely that I'll end up that way on http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-48031866.html
  3. dillydog

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    True, but it would give the honest decent lads something to protect their names with. It's never been any different, in my lifetime all you've had to do is buy yourself a terrier and "just like that" you're a terrier man ! We all know different but if there was some sort of system behind terrier work like a licence, something that you had to serve a bit of time on the bank with an older an wiser terrier man before you could strike out on your own then IMO terrier work would be in a better place. Truth be known I had to learn everything the hard way myself, I was just as dull and just as ignorant once upon a time, time and life are great teachers...........but then some just go through life determined not to learn a f***ing thing.
  4. dillydog

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Young lads stuck in their own little circle, no common sense and no respect for the animals they hunt or keep. I've said it for years, terrier work should have some form of licensing, education is seriously missing with the youth of today in all walks of life.
  5. dillydog

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Nothings as disgusting as a herd of Pakis raping young girls, give your head a shake
  6. dillydog

    Stud wanted

    8 year old isn't old, it's earned it's title as a grafter and deserves to be bred from at that age. Best of luck
  7. dillydog

    how times have changed

    You need to get out more DD, times have changed I'll grant you that but there's still good lads coming through and IMO there's plenty of exceptional terriers in the country in far greater numbers than ever before.
  8. dillydog


    Nice that Wombe, it'll be nice to see how it changes as it grows
  9. dillydog

    Putange mole trapping

    I've had 68 moles in a week off a farm that shows hardly any mole activity, I was depressed while driving the fields to wiegh the job up. I've still got 20 + traps down, so the final tally will be higher. I've never found any accurate way of guessing what's in the ground, all I tell myself if I'm getting lazy is "the traps won't earn anything in the bag" !
  10. dillydog

    What do ye make of this

    The links been taken down
  11. dillydog

    line breeding?

    I haven't got anything more recent, he's just starting to shape up and loose the puppy fat. He was born on the 21st of March last year and he saw his first fox a few days ago.
  12. dillydog

    line breeding?

    12 years old, with her last pup ! He saw his first fox last week, killed it and drew it from a decent earth. Time will tell if he's got what it takes but it's a good start for now.
  13. dillydog

    line breeding?

    I'm all over it FD I'm all but finished in the game, it's time to pass on the torch and let someone else have the headache. If we can leave it as good as we found it's not been a waste of time and effort.
  14. dillydog

    line breeding?

    I always breed from the best bitch possible, if it was weak in size and bone I either wouldn't breed from it or I'd use a dog that might rectifythe problem. I've just bred out of a good strong bitch, the biggest in her litter, I waited until she was 7 years old because I didn't need to take from her. I bred her dam first but only got one dog pup, I took the plunge and took a litter from the daughter too. The bitches I've seen and the bitch I kept back are small, not tiny but small for this line. The bitch I've got I'm happy with, she's the same stamp and size of her grandam, if she makes as good as her I'll be happy but I'll have to go to trial and error in the next generation. None of us know what we're going to get truth be known, as you all know "you only see the weddings not the funerals" !
  15. dillydog

    line breeding?

    I can't "like" it Bosun so once again I'll just have to tell you I've seen close breeding bring down the size of bitches and conversely take the size of dogs up. I tried talking about it on here once and someone kindly put up a link to a paper on genetics, I no longer have it or I'd put it back up. If you cut out all the waffle and took it to the layman's talk it basically said breed out of your strongest bitches. A bitch always wants to be feminine, so by constantly breeding tight (without picking your strongest bitches) you'll double up on the feminine influence. The same stands for dogs (masculinity) , keep an eye out for it, I've seen it with my own eyes with a line that's nowhere near as tight as the one I keep now.