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  1. A Few Of My Hides Inside & Out

    You lot are just spoilt! :-) Joking aside, that's some seriously nice hides.
  2. Jess trees another.

    Most excellent, I have two lurchers here, one would have climbed the tree, the older one would have waited for the squirrel and the dog to fall out of the tree and nabbed the prize.
  3. Gorse bush rabbit hunt.

    Sweet! You just have to love old school
  4. Howa 1500 in .223

    Thanks walshie, appreciated.
  5. Howa 1500 in .223

    Evening folks. Looking for thoughts on the above as a choice for fox work? I never shoot beyond 150yds , anyone who owns one of these able to suggest suitable fodder too please? Thanks, Jamie.
  6. Squirrel cage feeder trap

    Yep, really good, use them on jobs regularly.
  7. Sika

    What a fantastic write up both of you!
  8. Pulsar Trail XQ50 Models

    Um hello! Sent you a pm!
  9. thermal negatives?

    Cool, three years it will be fine. I think the trail X whatsit will fulfill my needs. Just get a few prices now. Thanks for all the input.
  10. thermal negatives?

    Well they sound like the sort of kit I need. Is there any idea on life expectancy of these units?
  11. thermal negatives?

    I have found with monochrome scopes, ie, pulsar n550 or photon foe example I suffer eye burn out far quicker than when using say my starlight with its green light. I never shoot further than 100 yds, so range not a problem, I like the sound of being able to set it up for three different rifles. I still do a lot of rat and rabbit work, but I am also taking the business back to its routes, so will be taking on fox work again.
  12. thermal negatives?

    What are they? There has to be some! I have been content with good quality NV for my work for a good few years now, but unfortunately I am now experiencing problems with it. So, I'm about to start a very important New rabbit control contract, I've decided that thermal is the new way forward. But! Before I shell out a decent wedge on something I know little about I thought it prudent to ask the above question. So gentlemen with true life experience of using thermal, what are the downsides please?
  13. NV and Thermal Pricing

    I'm in the market right now, if it's Ian b then I know who I will be buying from.
  14. I couldn't even find it?
  15. airgun forum?

    That worked! Thank you for that.