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    You name it, if its country and leagal (ish) !! + real Ale
  1. Apple Scratter

    Thank feck for that! Last pressing for 2017 today, in the sun, wind, hail and rain. Only got 36 gallons at og 1054 but it was some lovely juice. Now the tricky part. There's exactly 100 gallons sat in the cider shed now.
  2. Apple Scratter

    Well a quick update. The other half still not processed for one reason and another, so Sunday their having it! This will be real head banging gear as they are now very high in sugar. I also acquired some more cider apple fallers from a mole customer today, the second batch will produce a smaller yield than the first lot, but will/should be far better.
  3. Apple Scratter

    Sorry chaps, it really would be prohibitively expensive to post due to weight, and there's no possible way it could survive a courier service.
  4. Apple Scratter

    These particular trees were a direct swap for advice on a pest problem, normally big two year olds would be £25 each. If you're considering planting in a garden go for mm106 root stock, it's semi dwarfing but still produce well, it's what most of the commercial growers use.Adams apples at honiton is the guy I get all my trees off, he does post.
  5. Apple Scratter

    Six cider apple trees in the end as I decided to have them as full size ie, on m25 stock instead of the mm106 all the rest are on.
  6. Apple Scratter

    But in the meantime
  7. Apple Scratter

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to start pressing today, we did get a lot of other stuff done however. Anyways here's about half of what I've got together so far, probably about fifty gallons worth. I've got to pop up to Devon tomorrow to do a mole job, then pick up a dozen more cider apple trees. Although it's forecast windy I might still be able to get this lot sorted.
  8. Sloe Berries

    Now that's actually funny as fook! I've never understood people wasting their time individually pricking the berries when all you have to do is freeze them for a few days then thaw and bung in with the fruit.
  9. Apple Scratter

    Any samples? Cheers, D. Your an ale drinker!:-) But you can try a bottle, lol
  10. Apple Scratter

    Unfortunately you lads are too far away for it to be financially viable. It would definitely be possible in Cornwall and parts of Devon.
  11. Apple Scratter

    I will try and get some pictures done on the day.
  12. Apple Scratter

    Well they are seven hundred delivered, if you think a pint of cider in the pub is a minimum of three quid, you only need to produce two hundred pints and your already in to making money . When I hired one of these last year I processed about a quarter of a ton of apples in about two hours. By the weekend I will have about the same amount of apples, this should give me around 7-800 pints,ish. We are going to start bagging in 20ltr boxes this year, it will speed up things incredibly, it's also the way the pubs and clubs prefer to buy it.
  13. Apple Scratter

    Here's the beast! She arrived this afternoon. Starts paying me back for her outlay this weekend.
  14. Garlic

    That's why you'll never get sick, no fecker with their filthy germs will come round your house! Perfect.
  15. Apple Scratter

    Nice one flattop, crack on and use this thread unless someone wants to start a new one. Having had one of the vigo spiral presses I think your a legend to have got nine gallons done with it.