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  1. Scope

    Sorry this is for sale
  2. Scope

    Bushnell banner 3x9x50 dusk dawn £85
  3. Scope

    Still for sale £80 need it gone
  4. Photon xt 6.5 extreme

    Got one on my 222 with doubler cracking bit of kit
  5. Wots going on mate can't get on to posts

    1. Navek


      There doing maintenance with the site mate so everything going bit to shit at the moment mate try signing out and then back in 

    2. j316


      Cheers mate 


  6. Lamp Wanted Urgent

    Wots the law on walking down the road with a lamp but as said d Lloyd has good lamps had a few off him very pleased with them
  7. Lamp Wanted Urgent

    Why was it taken off you
  8. Photon

    Now sorted
  9. Photon

    Thanks mate
  10. Photon

    Having trouble photon not adjusting cannot get crosshairs to come up end of adjustment
  11. Dog Scared Of Spade??

    Don't know much about terriers could try putting his food near or on the spade so dog feels safe around it
  12. Warning

    Zzzzzzzzxxzzzzzzzzzzis it morning me and my wife don't argue as much as I read on here stop bitching go hunting love and peace j316
  13. I will be there on Sunday mate