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  1. Tikka 243

    Rifled barrel full of leading eq smooth bore kak grouping
  2. Look what he found

    Stop carpin on
  3. Kent faststeel

    Now sold thanks
  4. Kent faststeel

    Sorry mate I don't atb j316
  5. What range do they have mate what would you take for it
  6. Kent faststeel for sale

    I have seven boxes 32g 4shot 175 cartrages offers
  7. Kent faststeel

    For sale seven boxes of 32g 4 s 175 cartrages offers
  8. Steel cartrages

    Looking for Kent fast steel 32g number 4 shot looking for price
  9. Fao Shootllodge

    Does anyone know is still on the hunting life as I am trying to get in touch with him many thanks j316
  10. Tried to inbox you no reply I am not to good on computer so if you do get this message please contact me atb j316
  11. Scopes

    Offers for both
  12. f o a Shootllodge

    Can you please contact mo about turret plate
  13. Heip

    Cheers mate
  14. Heip

    Is the mail icon the little envelope
  15. Heip

    How do I send pm to shoot lodge on thl