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  1. Winchester sub's .22

    Used to find Eley subs ideal, but now the weight has been reduced from 40 to 38 grain so will see how they go Pic using 40 gr, good enough for the Bunnies
  2. Don't discount JSB RS 13.43 very flat shooying
  3. Squirrel feeders

  4. Squirrel feeders

    I use whole Maize £8/25K although i do not have to pay for it, mix with Peanuts 6-1 Ratio
  5. Studying your land.

    On my perms the bunnies breed all year round. Just back from a fruitless session on the Squizzers, bloody freezing roll on summit a bit warmer
  6. Police on my permission

    One of my perms are several football pitches and always have to call plod for reference number but the farms only require a call on the day if i am out for the night in case someone else is shooting
  7. Have you tried loading the pellets skirt first from the other side?
  8. Squirrel feeders

    Found an old pic of a mk 1, http://ibb.co/mVAHvb
  9. Squirrel feeders

    As has been said, the Squizzers will destroy the wood when the feed runs out. Knocked up a couple more last week using some old floorboards, a bit of mesh and a bit of tin lying around
  10. Squirrel bashing

    Good shooting, and welcome to the forum
  11. New Bunny equipment

    When I bought a few Eley Subs for my CZ on Monday they have been “lightened by 2gr from 40 to 38 gr Bang goes the scope settings on my LR’s Very happy with CZ’s
  12. Bit of advice on precharged

    Hornets have been known to have problematic regs, and MMC is not to everyones taste. Personally i have found the Ultra much better for "Walkies"
  13. FAC Airgun

    I also had a mk2 FAC which was not regged with 24" LW, but could not get on with it. Had a 500cc fast flow before i got it regged. Just found it too heavy being a wimp . They are good guns of that i'm sure and plenty of helpful members on their forum
  14. FAC Airgun

    Very kind offer Phil, had you been closer I would jump at the chance Regards Rich
  15. FAC Airgun

    FAC Air has it's uses with elevated shots. I use one in the woods where i don't want 40 gr of lead flying about. A good Rapid is solid but i find heavy after a while. Currently use R10, but .25 Impact keeps winking at me