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  1. Bit of advice on precharged

    Hornets have been known to have problematic regs, and MMC is not to everyones taste. Personally i have found the Ultra much better for "Walkies"
  2. FAC Airgun

    I also had a mk2 FAC which was not regged with 24" LW, but could not get on with it. Had a 500cc fast flow before i got it regged. Just found it too heavy being a wimp . They are good guns of that i'm sure and plenty of helpful members on their forum
  3. FAC Airgun

    Very kind offer Phil, had you been closer I would jump at the chance Regards Rich
  4. FAC Airgun

    FAC Air has it's uses with elevated shots. I use one in the woods where i don't want 40 gr of lead flying about. A good Rapid is solid but i find heavy after a while. Currently use R10, but .25 Impact keeps winking at me
  5. Which Scope

    A lot can depend on your eyesight
  6. How Long Is Too Long

    I do know when i bought a Timney unit for my 455 i was told by SGC that Timney had stopped exporting, whether there is anything in that i don't know, it was a while ago. The shop should still put the matter right
  7. If buying new, it will be old stock, as 452 has been replaced by the 455. You get a three year warranty with CZ. I bought a couple of screwcut Synthetic 16" 455's earlier in the year and the "soft touch" feels good. Shoot bang on with Eley
  8. Range Finder

    As per pic, best used in conjunction with an IR torch, to extend the life of the rangefinder batteries
  9. Permissions For Fac

    As has been said before, it doesn't matter how many shooting, it's nighttime the farmer can only let one shoot. As long as you have "good reason " they can't refuse. I have 3x LR with good reason plus HMR/FACAir
  10. As mentioned, Falcon Accuracy Plus (13.43gr) go well, flatter trajectory too
  11. Cz 455

    Found Lapua very slippery but accurate, unfortunately RFD stopped stocking. Found Eley subs also very accurate. Must try "sniffing" them as it seems popular
  12. Out With The Photon Not A Bad Night

    Good session , could you please tell me, is the Photon 6.5 and if so, how long do the batteries go for. I use a T20 as well but Photon still runs down too quick for my liking Cheers Rich
  13. End Of One Season Start Of Another

    Ya just gotta love those hands