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  1. Putange Trouble Shooting

    Thanks for the replies lads... tilimangro...good tip mate, I got the claw hammer on them and gave them a tweak...they're working a treat now thanks. Smithie...I'll send you a pm mate
  2. I recently bought 20 putanges from Norfolk trapper. I've had a fair bit of success with them but I've had a couple of problems. Firstly while playing with them I managed to somehow bend the setting tool forks. I managed to straighten them out but I thought the setting tool was a bit flimsy. I've now bought the pliers which seem to be a lot better. Secondly...out of the 20 traps I can't seem to set 3 of them. When I open them out the jaws are twisting making it impossible to set the trigger. I can set the others no problem so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. Anybody else had this problem, if so have you any solutions!!! Cheers postie
  3. Digging Tool...

    Cheers lads... Dave...like the look of that mate, decent price as well. How do you rate it ? Trappa...that looks a real well made trowel mate but a bit pricey for a novice like me.
  4. I've just started to learn how to trap a few moles from my old ferreting buddy. I've had a bit of success so far and am really enjoying it...I've only been at it for a few weeks and I've already broken his £10 Spear and Jackson trowel!!! Just wondering what you lads use, I've seen all sorts on YouTube used from trowels to spades and everything inbtween. What do you lads recommend? ATB postie
  5. Gsd Grey Saluki

    That's a beautiful looking bitch Lee Here's my lad...
  6. Its That Time Of Year Again

    Looking well trigger...really like the look of Buster mate
  7. F.a.o. Bunnies And Trigger

    That's a nice strong bitch bunnies...I think I probably got the smallest male he's about 25 inches and 60 lbs mate.
  8. F.a.o. Bunnies And Trigger

    Looking good lads... very nice looking thing mate,,,,but by feck you have aged... you deffo didnt get the pick of the litter trigger... You'd age if you had a Mali cross mate... That's a nice bitch Bill ideal for the bunnies mate
  9. F.a.o. Bunnies And Trigger

    How are your pups doing lads?
  10. 12 months old now lads...how time flies. From this... To this...
  11. No Complaints So Far.

    He's looking well there mate
  12. No Complaints So Far.

    Hard to say really trigger...he looks fairly nippy while running with the old dog but hasn't had any proper runs on the bunnies yet mate
  13. No Complaints So Far.

    I think there's one in here lads
  14. Another 5 For The Pup

    He's doing you proud trigger...ATB postie
  15. No Complaints So Far.

    That's great going trigger ...my lady has slippers that look like them bunnies lol!!! What you feeding him on bunnys...he's a hell of a powerful dog mate...