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    A lifelong spring air rifle enthusiast and hunter since age 8 (in 1965)Starting with a Webley .22 given to me by my Aunt from Australia. Served 12 years in the RAF Regiment as a marksman and Senior NCO Precision Weapons and Tactical Warfare instructor and examiner. I've owned many spring air rifles over the decades but, PCPs are not my cup of tea. Ugly things with no soul! I love Weihrauch and Air Arms spring rifles and currently, I own a beautiful HW77 .22, an HW80 .22, A .177 HW97K which is an amazingly accurate rifle and a .177 TX200HC carbine. I love teaching and developing shooting skills in young people and fostering a better discipline to both this sport and as a life-skill. I work now as a professional aviation artist and painter. And as a professional sessions musician and live stage keyboards player.

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  1. Scope for spring air rifle

    Okay. But if you have better or best tollerances, what does that ultimately give you? I have an excellent Simmons Pro Air 6-18x40 scope. Mounting it on low mounts to my HW77 .22 rifle, it is superbly accurate in zero. Pretty much a raggy single hole group with 10 pellets at 30 metres. But mounting it to the same rifle, with high mounts, the zero was not so hot. Over an inch spread at 30 metres. And I could not improve it by technique. So perhaps, tolerences do affect accuracy if they are so altered? I'm not saying you are wrong in any way Deker and I do respect what you have written. But my actual experience of trials with varying scope height does seem to have produced significant differences in accuracy. At least in this respect of scope to rifle.
  2. Check this out .

    Knowing what you are talking about is one thing...Knowing what you are doing? Ahh..He's lucky to be alive really.
  3. Scope for spring air rifle

    You don't need a big whack-off 50+mm front lens and a long body tube. A decent quality 3-9x40 and a mildot reticle will do the job perfect. What counts with a spring rifle, is the closer the reticle lies tom the bore-centre of your barrel, the better the accuracy you'll get. If you are going for an upgrade over your Nite Eye, Hawke Sidewinder 30mm body tube series are brilliant on a recoiling spring rifle. Got a 4-12x44 half-mildot model on my Pro Sport and the rifle loves it. Well worth considering. Hawke Varmint series seem like a nice scope for a springer too. Just don't buy cheap, as they won't last long if your rifle is a bit punchy on recoil.
  4. leaf

    I still say Archie Hood has the best looking ladies hanging on to his every ....word! Just never seem to see enough of the dear pretty things.
  5. leaf

    When I've been able to get out, it's still pretty much leafy in the trees. Had a few good bags of Squirrels with the .22 Pro Sport so far, during this winter onset, mind.
  6. View from the window!!

    Blimey look at the print it made of itself. Even the eye outlines!

  8. Is this rabbit activity?

    Rabbits dig just out of habbit, or, maybe testing the soil strength for a new warren or burrow. They are very smart, intelligent creatures and constantly on the lookout for safe, secure places to burrow, to breed and eat. And that's all the things they really do.
  9. Just to let you two good chaps know. I've posted the Photon sight to Jimmy's home address this morning (Parcelforce 48HR) so, Jimmy, please let me know when you have it safely delivered. I did get to try it out and I enjoyed shooting in pitch dark with it. Thank you very much Si for kindly sending it to me and letting me try it out. I'll be looking for one, for one of my rifles I have in mind to fix it to all the very best you two lads. Simon
  10. Helllloooooo!!!!

    Good morning and all good greetings to you and yours too Renos
  11. Helllloooooo!!!!

    I can't seem to edit my signature block. My website and air rifle collection details are all bloody skew-whiff!
  12. Helllloooooo!!!!

    Took me a little bit of Effin' and jeffin to get this. But I'm a total computer noob so what do I know....
  13. Might Try A 4.53

    With everyone else, that is a superb group at 47 yards on X4 Mag. Well done and well shot Matt.
  14. Fao Jon Jon

    Can't say I've noticed that big a difference in precision accuracy between .177 and .22.....Springer or PCP in my experience... Both go right through the same pellet hole at 35-metres range as the first, all day, I find... But these days, with my eyesight, and without my specs, the bigger the hole...you know!
  15. Hw97K Stock

    Well, Bunny Bandit has sent me pics of what is a very nice left handed Mk.I HW97K stock... but I will decline from this swap offer. Had it been exactly as my right handed Mk.II version is, with that sweet skip-chequering on the forestock and grip, I wouldn't have hesitated. But, as nice as this one is, it is not what I would want, so, I must withdraw. But Rez, this might suit you to a tee. Thank you very much Bunny Bandit for giving me first chance. All the very best. Simon