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  1. Mk 1 Locator And 1 Collar 8'

  2. Books

    Johnny bluck digging yhe dirt volume 1 1st edition signed ltd edition Now thats what i call terrier work V Will take £55 for both posted
  3. Fox Nets

  4. Terrier Books

    Might sell a couple of books can anyone tell me what they are roughly worth? I have Now thats what i call terrier work v gone to ground.. Good condition Diggin the dirt vol 1 ltd edition hard back with Dvd signed number 235. Excellent condition. Any help is appreciated
  5. Mk 1 Locator And 1 Collar 8'

  6. As above good condition Offers
  7. Fox Nets

    4x double peg fox nets for sale. Never used open to offers
  8. Shot Foxes Needed

    Yes mate just about anywhere drop us a pm
  9. Shot Foxes Needed

    Need everywhere mate but deffo a shortage from devon cornwall
  10. Shot Foxes Needed

    Hi folks shot foxes needed for environmental research... They will be collected anywhere.. In particular looking for devon/ cornwall areas please pm me for more details
  11. Dog Jabs

  12. Dog Jabs

    I woukdnt but the feckers got kennel cough! So wanna sort it out once its shook it off... Lotta stuff going round here
  13. Dog Jabs

    Hi guys got a new dog thats not been jabbed for 3 years wikl it need a full course or just a booster?? Also anyone selling jabs??
  14. As above , mates daughter is desperate for one! Anyone help? West or North Yorkshire area
  15. Looking For An Otter Specimen

    Still looking....