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  1. pickaxe terriers

    From what I gather their is not a lot of picaxe stuff in Ireland I know 1 chap that has it but like every other big name their will no doubt be plenty that say they have.
  2. Alabama rot

    We have no wild snakes over here but plenty of 2 legged snakes that can crawl lower than a snakes belly.
  3. Cleaning advise

    Antibiotics also come in a pill form and can be got from most vets Its not a big issue to keep a dog clean of infection just common sence same as if you had a bad cut yourself and you don't have to tell the world on here how you go about it.
  4. First season dogs

    Got a young dog back that i had given a chap as a pup and he had him good as started and he has been dug 6 times also another mate started his young dog and he has been dug half a dozen times as well so looking forward to next season with these pair.
  5. Bedlingtons

    I wouldn't even reply to him lmo he is only taking the piss out of everyone with all these silly questions loads of information on every breed of terrier going on here he doesn't need to ask.
  6. Getting the smell of fox of your hands

    Lol bet you had worse smell of your fingers at times. I use the carbolic soap think that's what its called. Remember years ago when the pelts were worth money I had a fox in the back of the van for day's before I finally took it to the lad that bought them f**k did the van stink for weeks later.
  7. Season finished

    That's all we'll and good but 99% of the rifle lads don't work terriers so when they shoot a milky vixon the unfortunate cub's are left to die a long death.
  8. Season finished

    We out today for the last dig of our season and had a nice handy dig to my Lizzy bitch with 2 up tight in front of her on the break through. We had a good season with 2 young dogs started and going well so high hopes for them for next season. IMO I reckon these call outs are used as an excuse by a lot of lads just to keep going a few more weeks and in reality all their doing is killing their own sport.
  9. What ever became of that chap with the glens does he still do a bit with them.
  10. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of offers but pass little heed of the ped that comes with it lol
  11. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    And why on earth should or would he give out PEDs to earn more coin for the peddlers.there is enough false PEDs been thrown about without at creating more for then.its a sad world when men have to use another mans name under false pretence just to makes few Bob and these same men if speaking to them would say he was there friend.arseholes the lot of them
  12. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    Its a pity other lads wouldn't have the same mind set as yourself if they had there wouldn't be so many lies told about breeding.
  13. Irish TB.

    Man I was speaking to last night was told by the IFA that the del will use sugar lumps with the vaccine in them to innuclate the badger.
  14. Out Today

    Good hunting SS and fair play to you for bringing the young lads out with you,keeps them out of trouble and you see what there up to at the same time.I remember years ago when we had a few lurchers about us but no hounds only a few mongeral terriers we used to gather up any young lad that wanted to go and and find them an old biscuit tin and a bit of a stick and let the lose in the cover,they loved the crack and we accounted for a decent amount of foxs,but sadly the lad in there pants started to take over and they soon lost interest in hunting,lol.I have not kept hounds for a long time now but really liked the crack on a sunday morning,again fair play to you and happy new year to you and your family.