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  1. fat man

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    The pic you put up not that very long ago stop end of a lurched drawing was that for historical or educational purposes lol talk about stones in glass houses.
  2. fat man

    the famous toby dog

    Lol there was a lot of Andy cash made from them dogs.
  3. fat man


    The thing about giving someone a service is if the litter works then it was a good choice but if not its always the dog that is branded a cur even though it may have produced with a different bitch its never the bitch thats to blame.then the dog even though he is a proven worker gets a bad rep and so on. Keep it tight among mates and you won't go too far wrong.
  4. fat man

    cloudy eye

    Cream used on a cows teat for mastitis is good I use it on both the terriers and the gundogs works well and easily obtained.
  5. fat man

    JBluck dirt

    When he had that site of his own I disagreed with him on a certain topic and he spat the dummy straight away banning me from the site mind you a few lads I know stuck up for him but then again they were been made famous in the book.
  6. fat man

    line breeding?

    I personally prefer bitchs to dogs and always have. I have at present 4 reliable bitchs and 1 old fell type dog.I think and its only my opinion that good digging bitchs are way harder come by than dogs. I've often hear lads chatting about this dog and that dog but very rarely do you hear about good bitchs and I also believe that their should be no difference work wise between both dogs maybe a bit stronger but one should be as eager as the other to get a job done some will disagree but that's my take on it.
  7. fat man

    line breeding?

    Probably would have ran them on as we had very little at the time and as they were kept among ourselves if they didn't work out that was that and they be going no further.
  8. fat man

    line breeding?

    I'm not exactly with you on what you wrote I don't know which bitch your talking about. I have only bred the one bitch and as I said she is gone 8 year old and has never let me down.
  9. fat man

    line breeding?

    Nothing wrong with breeding a bitch young aslong as she has shown what she is made off and you know the blood behind her.I have a bitch here I bred just gone 2 year old reason for doing so was we had no other bitch and after seeing her work her 1st season we were more than happy with her also her work style was hard so we were also wary of the fact she could be lost to ground at anytime so she was bred.she was put back to her own blood and produced 5 pups all of which worked with 3 still going strong and 2 lost to ground. I repeated the mating 3years later and out of 6 born only one bitch survived they got that puppy syndrome disease. The bitch that survived worked literly first time out and has now 2 good seasons behind her. Her mother now 8 year old is hopefully in pup again and either way this is her last time to be bred different dog this time as the other stud is sadly dead but also a very good dog with a lot of digging behind him so of similar blood so fingers crossed things go to plan.
  10. fat man

    line breeding?

    Dilly may I ask why you ran the second litter on if the 1st litter was below average and I know you know the breeding of your dogs inside out personally I wouldn't have been inclined to do so.
  11. fat man

    Julian barnfield grass

    I remember the rise campaign back a few years and their was a meeting of different huntsmen and others and the hunt fraternity were willing to abolish terrier work with hunts aslong as they were allowed hunt.
  12. fat man

    Terrier mistakes

    I agree with you their are plenty of lads that would love to see a good dog fail instead of seeing it do a good graft then jealousy has a lot to do with it. I have heard of lads telling other men slip your dog in here dug it loads of times only light to end up a gruller and they then turn around and say that the first time it went that deep.I would never ask any man to put his dog where I wouldn't put my own and anyone that has dug with me will vouch for that. I personally like to see another mans dog work so when I have someone up for a day I try and sort them with as many digs as possible as some may not have the digging where they are from but I will always take one of my own out aswell. Why people would like to see another mans dog fail is beyond me or worse again why they would take them to a bad place just to try and break a good dog because no matter how good they are they do have a breaking point.
  13. fat man

    Terrier mistakes

    Stop end I've said it before and I'll say it again you do spout some bollox.terriers are just terriers not machines programmed to do a specific job so yes any terrier can and does on occasion have an off day no matter what way they are bred. I have seen dogs go season after season without fault and then one day something happens that no one can explain as no one knows what goes on underground it might be just the once but it happens to the best of them and I think most lads if honest will agree.
  14. I agree with you Glyn but not only are you educating the terrier lads that are not in the know your also educating the antis as 90% of the c**ts have not a clue of the laws. That's what gets me on here and im not referring to you Glyn but the amount of lads that come on here asking stupid questions that 90% of the time are illegal on an open forum instead of just doing what they have to do and no one the wiser for it but instead they have to tell the world and draw unwanted attention upon themselves.
  15. Now Glyn no need to state the obvious as we all get proper treatment for our dogs when they need it but sometimes they don't always need vetenary attention and a good job too as them vets sure know how to charge.