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  1. Catherine Elliot Hancock Lurchers

    I've probably had this up more than once before. He was a dog I bought from a greyhound breeder who paid good money for a greyhound stud then his farm collie managed to cover the bitch after she came home. The litter was half pure greyhounds and half lurchers. He died of cancer a few years ago at around 9 or 10 if I remember right. He was real nervous as a pup but became very gutsy once settled in and matured. I used him for ferreting mostly but he loved running foxes and would desert a warren if he saw a fox. I wish I had him now. I don't do much ferreting any more but he'd be good for what I do do.
  2. Catherine Elliot Hancock Lurchers

    This fella too (half cross).
  3. Catherine Elliot Hancock Lurchers

    Very true. Sometimes their character is almost a contradiction of itself, combining extreme sensativity with strong drive. Easy to feck up but good if you get it right. When they're like that they're no good for a short tempered or impatient person but do well with encouragement when they get it right. I like them myself and I've had some over the years that would take almost anything.. The brindle bitch in the photo was one.
  4. Catherine Elliot Hancock Lurchers

    He does but not always. When I bought mine off him I had been delayed through a road accident that had occured on the motoeway so I was in a hurry to catch the ferry (back to Ireland). The silly old fool was trying to find a 3 and pondering whether to use a capital E backwards. Also Sally had promised my pup to someone else so he had wasted a lot of time showing me totally unsuitable, older pups. To cut the story short I left without the tattoo, missed the ferry anyway and spent the night in the port with my two youngest kids. I'm pretty sure the bitch's run as well as she would have if she had the tattoo anyway. She's great at hunting in woodland and seems to drive big stuff back towards me. Coincidence?, who knows?
  5. As Easy As Muskrat Pie!

    Interesting to see. Do mink get excited and more likely to bite when they're hunting?
  6. Coursing lads caught

    There are maybe better parts of lincolnshire than that and it's certainly better to know the farmer who's land your walking. Just driving round and running wherever you fancy may have worked out in the 60's, 70's and 80's but these days it's likely to turn out badly...........
  7. greyhound x greyhound x deerhound.

    https://www.donedeal.ie/dogs-for-sale/stunning-lurcher-pups/17662353 Those look a lot like some pups that were advertised a few months ago as I think deer/bull/saluki/grey or saluki/beddy/deer/grey. I could be wrong but they were from Tipp and also on Donedeal. Whatever the breeding they look fine strong pups.
  8. Armed Police........

    I'd like to know what their brief is. Will they shoot those who run? Will they shoot dogs?
  9. shared Permission in Northumberland

    I didn't mean get people in North Northumberland to vouch for you. Get friends on here to vouch for you or people here who know people who's dogs you have helped or who's land you have work on or who you've worked with in Suffolk. North Northumberland has a lot of poachers and unless you want to join them it won't be an easy place to get a foot in the door for a stranger.
  10. Cancer in lurchers??

    I've had 2 with big growths, both were before I started feeding raw. One was a bitch and hers was benign and although it grew quite big, old age was what saw her off. The other was a dog, (a good one too) and his growth was entangled through his ribs and he declined fast and had trouble breathing so I got him PTS. In fairness he wasn't all that old at 9 years, still very useful. Personally I don't trust processed dried dogfoods these days and I don't trust sheepdips to dip them either. IMO, if they have aggressive malignant growths, say your goodbyes and take care of business.
  11. One for the N.I men

    Best line with the green party is to ask their position on angling. The people who organise the party all want to see an end to angling eventually but they skirt around the issue like eels because angling is such a huge pastime for ordinary people. Assuming a hunting ban can never happen is a big mistake and it's why hunting is now banned in the UK. Everyone said "look at all of us, we're huge, we're traditional, with our level of support it can never happen". Well it could, it did, and it could again in northern Ireland. Don't get too complacent.(Get the anglers on your side)
  12. shared Permission in Northumberland

    Sorry if this seems obvious but If you've experience as a bone man it'll probably help if people who know you will then vouch for you.
  13. Working dogs

    There were some good working posts but now only rat and rabbit are legal it's a bit limiting and sometimes a bit samey? Personally I don't do half as much rabbiting as I used to and never been into rats. Not with lurchers anyway. Now and again I like the discussion threads on here still.
  14. Working dogs

    Photobucket's gone to shit, that's for sure.
  15. Deerhound / Greyhound

    The 1/2 cross is obvious but how's the other one bred Stonewall?