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  1. Who is pie eater.

    The stupidest thing was keeping the argument going on a public forum. Nine pages. Came on this morning and couldn't believe it was still raging.
  2. Deerhound Greyhound Collie Greyhound

    Totally agree and also one of the worst things you can do with a big heavy dog is let it run only easy smooth ground like pastureland until a year or so old, then when it's big and keen, let it run something over rocks or woodland. Sure recipe for broken bones.
  3. Views on getting a pup on summer bunnys

    If the rabbits are thin on the ground then you're probably best waiting 'til the end of summer and hopefully some autumn rain and plenty of young green rabbits about but if you can find anywhere with a good population and runnable ground then I myself would go for it now. It's all commonsense really. You need to use your judgement. If the dog's ready, the ground is good, and you aren't going to dent the population then go for it. If there's any doubt then leave it 'til late autumn.
  4. South American greyhounds must be good

    You shold see when he goes lamping!
  5. South American greyhounds must be good

    Bet he saved them up in the freezer
  6. skinned to the bone

    Looks like a near escape alright. Could've been a lot worse. On the subject of the rabbits, are you finding that the breeding season started later this year? I got that impression here out west.
  7. Acd x greyhound

    Was there much variation within the litters Phil? I ask as the two in the pic look quite different physically and in other photos i've seen of the cross they do seem to vary quite a lot.
  8. Anyone got this cross?

    I just looked at that ad. Parents in last two photos but that doesn't look like any wolf I've ever seen.(Wonder what a "timberland wolf" is) Maybe they use them to make shoes. https://www.donedeal.ie/dogs-for-sale/gs-hybred-pups/18382742
  9. Anyone got this cross?

    It's supposed to make the teeth bigger too.
  10. Them retractable leads

    They should make huge long ones for people with salukis.
  11. Show us your Bull x

    (You do need to get the window enlarged though)
  12. Show us your Bull x

    That looks well muscled up but mine looks better after the course of roids don't you think?? Chuck him out the window of a four wheel drive and he'll flatten anything.
  13. Second night nerves

    Up to you when you start your pup. Huge tracts of Cornwall sounds good too. He must drive a good vehicle to get round it all. Maybe a landy or something like that?
  14. MINSHAW .....

    The pictures were the making of this thread adding atmosphere and an "old timesy" feel. Moneygrabbing dicks at photobucket eh? I'll buy the book if it ever comes out but I doubt if it will.
  15. Summer/Breeding season

    I get the distinct impression that the late winter cold snaps have delayed the breeding season a bit. Anyone else think so? I normally finish hunting in February sometime but I carried on a bit longer this year.