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  1. Working Deerhound

    I had a phone conversation years ago to enquire after a pup. I should have asked him to call me back I ended up on the phone for almost two hours. I knew everything from his point of on dogs to his wife and her lover and what he went to prison for. All in very graphic detail ..... I still didn't by a pup! Lol
  2. Patterdale To Langdale

    Great ale, good food, salt of the earth. Sounds like my kind of place. I think I will be getting myself up there one day. Perhaps this time next year. My pup is a little young yet.
  3. Patterdale To Langdale

    Looks a stunning way to spend some time getting a dog ready for the season. Nice that the hotel is dog friendly as well.
  4. Bitch In Season

    Apologies to the thread starter for the hijack.
  5. Bitch In Season

    What age did you have her spayed NL?
  6. Bitch In Season

    Has anyone ever had a working bitch spayed? Is there any difference to her working ability? Do they for instance develop the same amount of muscle? Does it in any way alter they're mental state? If not is there any down side to having a bitch spayed. Not everyone has an interest in breeding (me being one of them) no matter how good the bitch is.
  7. Fleas

    Haven't seen a single flea on any of my dogs for years. Frontline is the answer.
  8. Anyone have any genuine pictures of "punch"? A mate of mine had a pup from him many years ago. She was a decent little bitch. But I never saw punch not even a picture.
  9. New Pup Anyone Running This Cross?

    I have a 13 week old pup that was black a white collie marked when I picked her up at 8 weeks. Now it seems that she is getting new grey/silver hairs everyday. But she does have deerhound and a bit if bedlington in her. So perhaps she will change colour.
  10. New Pup Anyone Running This Cross?

    I notice your pup started off black, then turned grey. What age did she end up grey?
  11. My New Pup, 9 Weeks Old

    Yeah they soon shoot up mate.
  12. My New Pup, 9 Weeks Old

    They are simular Roy. Nice looking pup mate, Dog or bitch?
  13. My New Pup, 9 Weeks Old

    Good mate, must be in the bloodline as Kara is a guttsy bitch also. Not that you would think to look at her.
  14. My New Pup, 9 Weeks Old

    Thanks bud, how's your pup doing?