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  1. First outing for young ferret

    Done well there mate my young hob had is first rabbit this weekend really happy even now had two dig lol it make it all worth while good hunting
  2. Getting fed up

    I am the same a hour drive for two rabbit but the lad enjoy it second time out mate but really bad this season most I've had is 4 and that with driving around looking for them just no number found one spot but need find out who own it and that was driving around for half a day
  3. It wasn't pretty

    It better then what I get around me a hour drive for two rabbit but the boy enjoy it
  4. River Erbo

    35 pound on the last day give a right good fight got a right big tail on it
  5. River Erbo

    Never mind the cats better luck getting home next time miss my flight yesterday becuz they where protesting on the motorway and had to flight to London today and catch the train home and pick me car up from Manchester tomoz it was a pain in the dick
  6. River Erbo

    Lol the cat were not feeding really but manage hook one on the carp gear and it snap me hook
  7. River Erbo

  8. River Erbo

    same fish good two week but been hard at time
  9. River Erbo

    That 45 on the nose
  10. River Erbo

  11. River Erbo

    That a 39 I've had
  12. River Erbo

  13. River Erbo

    Yes mate will try put some when I get home had a right f**k about could not to the airport today becuz they been protesting over here
  14. River Erbo

    Had no cat but had 3 40 + carp some am a happy man 11 fish in total
  15. River Erbo

    During pellet for the cat and boiled for the carp only 1 day now till go can't wait