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  1. Couldn’t resist

    I reckon they do. Two years ago we saw the normal number of young rabbits in spring, then they all just disappeared. Not and adult or half grown rabbit in sight, and no carcases either, as you'd get if they'd died from myxi. This happened two years on the trot, then this year we started to see more and more young rabbits. This year they've had myxi, and it's the first time in two years my dogs have been picking up myxi rabbits this autumn. Never thought I'd say it, but what a relief to see myxi again instead of no rabbits at all. Though there must have been some left to repopulate the area so quickly.
  2. Raw diet

    Whilst raw minced bone and meat has got to be better than a complete food, feeding only mince kind of defeats one of the objects of feeding raw: that of getting a dog to chew its food, which cleans its teeth and exercises the jaw. I can understand why some people, if they've had a bad experience of feeding bones in the past, might not want to give carcases or raw bones, but without chewing on stuff like that the dog will still end up with brown, plaque-covered teeth. If I was at all worried about a dog swallowing a bone whole (wing, for example) I'd feed the dog quietly away from other dogs and give it a stripped chicken carcase. Only the most inbred, substandard dog would fail to digest the soft bones of a domestic chicken, which is killed at only a couple of months and the bones still soft.
  3. Protection from barbed wire

    The problem with putting a protection jacket on a lurcher likely to run through wire is that the jacket will get ripped to shreds, and may, if the material is tough enough, end up trapping the dog while the prey gets away.
  4. New lurcher association?

    Ah! An anomaly! I'll keep further thoughts to myself, wouldn't want to end up being sued by an anomaly for defamation of character
  5. Fallon resignes.

    I can remember getting my first job in a bar full of local lads, mostly farm labourers. Their aim was to make me blush: a silly, little girl in a bar full of men. It was the sort of hazing any new person of either sex is subjected to in a gang/pack situation. If I'd been a young man I've no doubt they'd have played a similar game with different innuendos. I learned, fast, to beat them at darts and turn their dirty jokes and double-entendres on them: they loved it. What saddens me these days is that the 'victim' stance of so many young women. They want all the attention, but on their terms only. This is not to decry the genuine abuse that has, and does, go on when men in power use scare tactics to abuse young women, and men. But the moral compass of so many star-struck youngsters has to be very skewed if they believe they can only reach their goals by abasing themselves to those in power. But, a pat on the knee? Hardly an assault is it. Men have always seen women as sexual objects, just the same as women have always seen men as security, money etc. Not all, of course. Problem is that the same basic male-female behaviour that exists within a pride of lions or a herd of horses continues to exist in humans, and we are led to believe we are no longer simply animals, which is kind of hard to accept when animal instincts continue to rule our lives: reproduction, territory etc.
  6. New lurcher association?

    But why did they do it? It was posted on 30th October this year, but refers to a meeting, quote: to be held on 14th October. What was the reasoning behind posting? Me no comprendo.
  7. This is weird: just saw this post on Lurcherlink forum, stating that there will be a new Lurcher Association of Great Britain and Ireland. Am I in a time warp? Or have I missed something? Here's a link to that post: anyone else know anything? http://www.lurcherlink.org/llink/forum/viewtopic.php?t=101294
  8. New layout

    Couldn't be bothered to read all the pages so this may have been said already: I don't like the white background. The green background was so: eco, classy, hunter-friendly, easy on the eye. If there's a vote I vote to change it back. As for having to click on a love heart if I want to say I like a post: . Edited to add: oops, there are other options there. Quite OK really. But I still don't like the white background. Sorry Ian, I know you do a fantastic amount of work to keep this thing running. Actually, I think I better go back and read all this topic just in case I'm a fool and you've already said it's going back to how it was.
  9. Flying Munty

    When they come out at your feet, blur past and into the next bramble and your brain's trying to play catch up and decide whether it was a big rabbit, a brown fox or something else but your'e not sure what ... crazy speed around cover for such a small animal. Love them ... in bits. Quicker camera reaction than I'd ever be capable of, for sure.
  10. Angler's Lucky To Survive...

    Kissing fish is just plain stupid: was he a princess just hoping her prince was disguised?
  11. Kammo Gear ..anyone ?

    Brilliant kit. Can feel a bit 'cardboardy'. Material quite stiff, but comfortable nonetheless and not heavy at all. But it really does deliver on the windproof/waterproof front, and is certainly as 'breathable' as any other comparable gear. Not had any cause to use back up service so can't comment on that, but definitely the toughest material bar none: no snags after pushing through brambles even after years and years of use. Certainly lasts very well.
  12. Mouthy pups are often highly driven. They need to grab on to something when they get all pent up inside. Keeping dog on tight lead increases their tension: they pull, you pull. They grab, you are doing the same. Also, by holding the pup on a tight, short lead, you are giving her more to react to. Are you walking fast enough? Slow walking is a nightmare for any young, active dog that wants to run. Trotting, fast, is a good speed for a dog. Failing that: give her something to hold. Favourite toy: tug toy? Direct her attention and energy on to something she is allowed to bite and hold.
  13. Working After A Broken Radius

    When you say she is sprinting daily do you mean after a lure? If she's running about on her own then she'll be twisting and turning as well. After six months the bone will be well healed and if she were my dog I'd be out working her by now. Not had a broken radius, but most dogs I've had that have broken bones in legs or toes have been back working after 4 months.
  14. Found This

    All depends which part of the tripe it is from. The inside of a cow's stomach varies quite a bit. I get mine whole so see the variation all the time.
  15. Re-Call Help To Saluki Owners

    I have used a lure with these types with great results. Saluki types are very chase focused. Use a lure in the same way a falconer calls in his bird, but pull a bit of rabbit skin along the ground instead of twirling it in the air. This works in two ways: firstly, that the dog is attracted to the bit of fur which it tries, and is allowed to, grab, once it has reached you. Secondly, by being part of the game, you, as the instigator, become more interesting to the dog. Little game of tug at the end when the dog is close to you. Have a second lure ready to divert dog off the first if it won't let go when told to. But what the whole process says to the dog is that it can be in hunt mode, focused, at the same time as being close to you. You become part of the process, and not just someone who gives orders. Energy flows between you both: feel good situation for both of you. I've seen some shut down dogs take weeks to even flick an ear and show interest< keep at it. And keep hand feeding too as Casso says.