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  1. Bit of advice on precharged

    Good luck it may be a long one, hens teeth spring to mind
  2. Bit of advice on precharged

    That’s a superb offer many thanks, I originated from God’s country, Barnsley, but now in Cumbria, other wise I would definatley have taken you up on it Cheers
  3. Bit of advice on precharged

    That’s if I am right, it has ZC prefix on number, but it doesn’t have the raised scope rail, so can’t be a challenger,
  4. Bit of advice on precharged

    It’s a mercury mk 3 1978
  5. Bit of advice on precharged

    Not sure on model, I will check later, it’s a 22 I bought it from a forum member, as that’s what I used as a lad, that and the meteors, but I for some reason changed, and went more into shotguns/ firearms and traded mine years ago, this last couple of yrs I have used it on quiet a bit on rat, and I want something for branches,
  6. Let it snow!

    I am out in morning,very patchy here hoping for a covering, terrier keen to go,
  7. Bit of advice on precharged

    That looks good what are they like weight wise,
  8. Bit of advice on precharged

    Cheers I will have a look at them,the only thing I am cautious of is getting something that’s too heavy,
  9. Hi lads I am looking at buying a precharge airgun, this summer sometime, I am thinking of buying a second hand BSA hornet or similar, for rat and pigeon in buildings, I have been around shotguns and firearms, most my life, so I have no issues with using one, airguns however is a different story, I have no experience at all with precharged, dispite always having a springer, the question really is what kind of money are they second hand, are they worth having, I don’t need stupid ranges, just something quiet and accurate, reliable, something I can put my photon night vision on, I have a good BSA Mercury, but the grooving on them limits the mounts I can use, is it worth getting a stirrup pump, on the understanding, that the gun won’t be used massively, I know this as probably been asked many times but any advice is welcome,
  10. Marking !

    When that photo was taken, he couldn’t get to a rabbit, it ducked under a load of rubbish, he wouldn’t leave it,he had run it for quiet a distance and it out turned him, he was on new ground, he got it in the end, but he really marks well, fur or feather,
  11. Marking !

    It’s half the fun when they mark, it’s marvellous to watch,
  12. Trail XQ50 Rabbit Shooting

    Look good Ian what do they cost, probably need to be sitting down to hear it though,
  13. Starting the November Roe

    Brilliant caliber, Matt which gun is that I have the manlicher, 6.5 x55 I have used 6.5 for around 15 yr, and started fancying a update, gun that is not caliber
  14. Stalking Dog Question

    Proper character definatley, I am sure he was married when I met him, he signed me a book, I went to buy a spaniel, he had trained and turned it down, but he was a gent about it, it didn’t tick the boxes
  15. Stalking Dog Question

    I met guy Wallace back in the 90’s when he lived on the breakon beacons, decent bloke, knew his stuff,