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  1. Putange mole trapping

    It all boils down to worm counts, if you have a poor worm count, you tend to have more digging, at the end of the day they are trying to fill there bellies, if you have a lot of digging, in a field that is rich in worms, then you can expect a reasonably high Catch number, I get asked regularly by customers, how many moles do you think there is, well there’s no accurate way of knowing, I have gone to jobs that look horrendous, and caught no way near what I expected, and jobs that don’t particularly look bad, and caught far more than I expected, it’s a lottery really, I have done this for yrs and I am frequently wrong, when it comes to estimating numbers, I took on a farm back in early March, and the old farmer/ farther is a old mole catcher, who through arthritis has packed in, he said I doubt you will get more than 30, and I finished on 48, take little notice on what you see on top, other than an aid to trap location,
  2. Yes I wouldn’t mind giving one ago, I met bob Merrin, last yr and never thought to ask him to make me one, I like trying different traps,
  3. Did you make the barrel trap yourself,
  4. cloudy eye

    Anything that would help mate, thanks for the kind offer
  5. cloudy eye

    Jiggy, the bloody prescription charge is a fortune, which makes it not viable, them vets are crooks mate,
  6. cloudy eye

    I will look for that cheers,
  7. cloudy eye

    I have a issue with something called dry eye, ( lack of tear production) in my jack Russel and have to buy a crem made up by the vet, £25 a month, It’s the dogs left eye the one with the brown patch it does look cloudy, but doesn’t affect him, apparently caused by an infection, I use viscotears as well, his other eye is clear, he’s a good grafter, and as I said yet to see it slow him down,
  8. Good old bus mate, be sad to trade it in,
  9. Miss Madness

    She seems to have the will then, it’s up to you to build the skill, the best challenge in the world, (in my opinion ) good luck mate
  10. Miss Madness

    Lively looking little dog mate, good luck hope she does well,
  11. Staffy Bull

    He looks a proper character, handy for pulling the car out if it gets stuck,
  12. Steady away there’s worse jobs to do,
  13. Quads are a good tool, but bloody cold at times I wouldn’t have got around on foot, bloody blizzard on 2 big farms and shit weather, good to see the hares huddled into the hedge back though,
  14. Black-Opp

    They are I have used the 6.5x55 for over 10 yr really nice caliber, but I have never tried a take down rifle
  15. Black-Opp

    I looked at a Blaser in 6.5 but wasn’t keen, I think I may have misjudged them, it’s handy to have things tidy, and out the way,