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  1. Rip poppy

    Sorry to hear that its never a nice feeling
  2. The father of them is a cracking dog. up there with the best ive ever seen. the two dogs in my arms in the pic belong to him
  3. You need to have pups coming on every year. hows the pups of rl coming on for you seen his the other day.
  4. Thanks mixedgrill they are parked up for a month now ive pushed them a bit more than i usually would.
  5. Being a busy few days. me and a mate went out friday and had two digs and a bolt. first place we dug my hairy dog in a big rangy place that can run up to 10ft we ended up digging him at just over 6ft and he never put a foot wrong. second place we tried was with my first season dog. this place was a big step up from any place he was ever in before rangy but only runs to around 4/5 ft. let him of the lead and he skips past one or 2 holes and in. got a mark of 3.8ft dug down to him and he wedged in tight with 2 infront of him. then on to the next place another big rangy place but only shallow. dropped his sister in and she found straight away pushed it about for a bit and kept pushing out into the field closer to a hole and it ended up bolting and away real happy how these 2 young ones are turning out. then saturday after work i went up to a mate we tried 3 or 4 places with no luck. the last place we tried his old dog marked it so we dropped a yound dog he has that has 2 digs to his name. it took him 15 minutes to find but quickly settled in one place once he found a quick 2.8ft and we were down to him well in control. then sunday was our first day out with the hounds on horse back. after a slow start they got going and we ended up with a mark at the end of the day. dug a russell dog in it. he realy had to work hard to get to it he was squeezing on from the mouth. ended up digging him at 2.4ft well in control of a tiny vixen.
  6. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    In around the city
  7. Fao Irish Lads Dogs Stolen

    A mate of mine had 3 dogs stolen a month back hes onky 3 or 4 miles outside the city must be the same dirty c**ts.
  8. Have 3 started this season. My big black dog has 5 dug his sister has 2 and a bolt and ive another bitch that has 2 dug aswel so things are flying it. Pups havent pup a foot wrong
  9. I no a greyhound bitch that wouldn't stand till here 23rd day any time she was mated and always had a fine litter. A qualifier or 2 for clonmel every year
  10. Breeding At 8 Years Old.

    Bred away

    Some pups for next year
  12. Springer X Foxhound First Cross

    The main reason I was thinking of this cross the cover can be real heavy down my way and foxhounds can be very slow to draw trough it. I'd just like a tougher hunting hound. I'd want them steadier and slower than a hound that they would be easier keep up with out in open country. The main reason for having these would be for more digging for my terriers. So don't no weather to gamble and do this or get 5 or 6 slow steady hounds that are gone a bit slow for the pack
  13. Springer X Foxhound First Cross

    The springer is mute hunting but a demon to hunt foxes. I won't take the chance breeding so. A mute dog is no good to me.
  14. Anyone work this cross. How do they work. Do you think many would speak. I currently work as kennelman and terrierman for a pack of hounds and was thinking of breeding a few of these in the next year or two when I finish up here and move home. Just looking for everyone's opinion. There would only be 2 or 3 lads out so don't really want full foxhounds. Would be doing small covers and running to the odd lurcher but the main purpose would hopefully hunt and mark. My mate has a super springer bitch that I can take a litter of so I can put whatever I want on her so what's best harrier, foxhound or Welsh