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  1. Alabama rot

    2 dogs killed by it litterally a couple of miles from me both dogs from same household as well
  2. whos working lakeys this season?

    Me 4 lol
  3. Muck Boots

    Any links tomo?
  4. Deerhound / Greyhound

    Just nicked them photos paddy lol
  5. Bedlingtons

    Been to Bedlington town today to pick up a couple pat x cocker pups bout 9 hours altogether round trip and there certainly proud of the beddy terrier there benches and that
  6. working homes required

    if they are free even a small fee the people that take them for right reasons wont need the papers in 5/6 years wont need them then if do breed for right reasons
  7. Highgate flapping track.

    Me n Stewie/lurcher1 rescued a young greyhound and traced where he was from his tattoos to a old boy from Barnsley went up to meet him n that took us here was great night came back with another bitch that was fast but didn' like the traps she worked well while she was alive as well. Real shame see these places close real shame old Frank his name took us to his house his Mrs fed us great little trip that were
  8. Pups

    Sure you don' want to let one go for sale ? Please LOL
  9. For Staffs Riff Raff

    No mate THLPatrick gave her me from his greyhound dog used as the stud pal
  10. For Staffs Riff Raff

    She just over 2 deer/bull/grey great little guard dog start giving her some work now she been really slow to mature but done little bit so far but in no rush with her
  11. For Staffs Riff Raff

    Cheers mate must say she better in the flesh lol
  12. For Staffs Riff Raff

    Not letting me put no more up mate