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  1. New layout

    Still won' load the next page I'm on a galaxy tab a
  2. New layout

    8cant go next page either
  3. Anyone Planned Litters

    Any lzitterrs duue aftterr xmas?
  4. Catalonia

    Stay safe mush
  5. Anyone Want

    So a. Man shows you hospitality invites you in to his home and u You don't like it because he done good for himself? I take it you told him this while u were face to face to him phenOM? And as long as kids or something like that were hurt what's it got to do with you how he got that house
  6. Maajid Nawaz Versus The Lefties....

    haha come off it aisha was an adult when she narrated that was she not ? And so it's not true about him thighing her before marriage either then ? So roughly age of Huberty 12/13 and was he married to her for 3 years before consumating the marriage? And if your saying this bit of the Judith is wrong is the rest also bull then and yes kings a and others were married young but there ain't over a billion westerners or Europeans holding them up as the most perfect human and a while way of life lived around what they say and did. Also Christian book is the New testament compare the life that Jesus to Mohammed SUPPOSEDLY lived
  7. Big Cat Sighting

    Roughly what part of Staffordshire was that cat caught greyman
  8. Big Cat Sighting

    Seen a programme about big placa ac hey were showing footage of I think a leopard living in high altitude certainly not freezing wise but a lot colder than where their usual range would be and they had changed to a dark to black to help with keeping warm as black absorbs heat now I don't know whether our climate would have the same effect that's IF they are here maybe that's the reason whPeople keep sT they see black caysy
  9. You Heard It Here Forst Folks Lol

    To lose in mma is a lot more likely due to the amount of ways you can lose the fight and how different 2 styles there can be that fight each other
  10. Multi Purpose Dogs?

    Mine a great guard she think she a personal protection dog lol
  11. Game Of Thrones

    I reckon Jon snow and khaleesi get married but there's that many plot twists you don't know what to think and that's a big part of why people like it you don't know what's gonna happen next
  12. New Arrivals

    Niche pups them hope they work out for you pal-you any pics of parents
  13. Auriella 1St One

    Congrats to you and family
  14. Devon

    East staffs/derbys border is a nice part of the country but I think the whole British Isles are
  15. Finsbury Park

    Bulldogs hunting and the left don't really mix do they? Said it to BGD before how do you interact with your fellow leftists when hunting and questions about your dogs come up ?