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  1. staffs riffraff

    Met police racist

    Should let them all live in the jungle they are creating and let them kill each other as soon as the police start trying to sort it you get this https://www.amnesty.org.uk/press-releases/met-police-using-racially-discriminatory-gangs-matrix-database
  2. staffs riffraff


    2nd left then 1st left
  3. staffs riffraff

    BREAKING - Home Secretary resigns.

    Well they can't call him a RACIST as there is no such thing as reverse racism
  4. staffs riffraff

    BREAKING - Home Secretary resigns.

    Maybe a short term with the loony left will brake the camels back,IE the people might go from whingeing about the way the country going/gone and because they got a smadtfone n car on finance im alright jack attitude to see its getting late in the day to reverse the tide ? As they know give people just enough to not want risk loseing it
  5. staffs riffraff

    Proud to be English

    Courts recently decided to turn off my cousins new born life support off after they well cant say too much but anyway after the machine was turned off he made bit progress was breathing by himself but they refused to give him food by tube or however they do it and he lived about 3 days and i say it this way there was a strong possibility he was starved of oxygen by malpractice
  6. staffs riffraff

    Cocker X Patterdale

    First x cocker patt litter sisterers 6mnth ish
  7. staffs riffraff

    Cocker X Patterdale

    I got first x pup me n stewie/lurcher1 used be on here went to bedlington way got a bitch each 11 hor round trip but well worth it think this ones gonna sing when on scent as she squeals like a banshee when she see the big dogs getting excited etc i try n get pic up mine s very terrier looking very jagd shape but pure black its litter sister black n tan and boy has mine got some enegy you could go all day on bike with her if u let her lol
  8. staffs riffraff

    Overseas aid ?

    Yeah mate they manage it for the and theirs pal
  9. staffs riffraff

    Overseas aid ?

    I think most of it is just oiling the wheels of the political and buisness elite as backhanders/bribes call it whatever but the huge amount that we spend should be A, agreed by tax payers and B, every penny accountable for. I do believe some aid is necessary but id say 90% dont get anywhere near the people who need it as its just used to buy influence and sweeten government contracts back for our politicians own and freinds/family businesses just corruption really
  10. staffs riffraff

    Big Cat Sighting

    Maybe thats why its mother abandoned it bird?
  11. staffs riffraff

    Strange find

    wasn't air defense sent the opposite way rather than intercepting the hijacked jets? i think wtc 1 and 2 needed asbestos removed and electrical systems updateing which was going to cost around a billion USD?/ And im sure one of the hijackers think it was the so called leader of the 19 found alive and well in Saudi? and why were Bin Ladens family allowed to fly out of the US when no other aircraft were allowed in the sky. Look at the pics from the pentagon the plane disintegrated but right next to the hole in the building there is untouched chairs even paper in undamaged condition no to mention the lack of video or pics plus the flight path that an inexperienced pilot took never mind how hard it would be for an expert pilot just far far too many question and when Silverstein said they nade a decision to pull wtc 7 how long would it take to prepare it for implosion or was it done in advance if so why no one seen it if it was in advance why? and if they did building 7 they must of done 1 and 2
  12. staffs riffraff

    Strange find

    One that springs to mind was the passenger plane couldnt perfom the manoeuvres at low altitude that it took but the biggest 1 for me is building 3 ? But get what your saying about keeping it quiet but whos to say what technology they got we dont know about and there was alot of work around the lift shafts prior to 9/11
  13. staffs riffraff

    Strange find

    Scot do you not believe western governments could perpetrate a false flag?
  14. staffs riffraff

    Alabama rot

    2 dogs killed by it litterally a couple of miles from me both dogs from same household as well
  15. staffs riffraff

    whos working lakeys this season?

    Me 4 lol