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    anything outside, hunting and fishing want to give my young lad the same upbringing as me ferrets,dogs and fishing try to get my girls into it to.

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  1. A message from Gnasher.

    I dunno... but I ain't feeling the love lol
  2. A message from Gnasher.

    This place never fails to make me smile, I love threads like this...lol People seem to hate or love Gnasher on here for all sorts of reasons...only things for sure is everyone hates Pete Lemooch
  3. Half cross bull greyhound

    I was out with dogs/ ferrets etc from a very young kid to a young adult, then life got busy and I had a bit of break from the dogs, would get out and watch mates dogs work but was never the same as your own.... missed it though.. couldn't see me without a running dog now, got no desire to act the twat in town anymore though...
  4. Half cross bull greyhound

    I've been lucky to watch a dog from a pup to 10 years old now, line bred Bull x (can't remember all the names, not really my thing) but what a great dog he is... he's a pleasure to be around and never lets you down, f**k me is he driven!! for me personally that amount of bull is too much, the youngster I've got on now is 1/4 bull (grey/bull x Grey/saluki/whip), I'm pleased with her so far and that 1/4 is enough for me... ive seen a few half crosses run (never owned one) and by far the old boy is the best I've seen, a good one is certainly not a 1 trick pony....
  5. Half cross bull greyhound

    That's the correct way of looking at it mate..... far worse shit to be doing than out with the dogs!!
  6. My new gang

    Nothing better for them mate.. great stuff with your lad, Fins started to do a bit of plinking, he ain't a bad shot to be fair... as soon as he goes down the camo scarf, gloves, all in one suit route he's disowned though lol
  7. My new gang

    Cheers John, hope you're well mate, I'll give you a bell this week
  8. My new gang

    HAHA... that's my boy!! .... He gets it from his Mum lol
  9. My new gang

    Definitely not mate, no way would I let him take away your favourite bit of ferreting lol
  10. My new gang

    Haha D!! He'll play it cool... but we all know lol
  11. Picture Of My Saluki Bull Greyhound Pup 6Month Old

    Here's my mutt of that breeding... great dog to have abour
  12. My new gang

    Cheers Ken... i had em grafting yesterday, but still seemed to find myself in the thick stuff... I must enjoy self harming lol
  13. My new gang

    Fin loves ratting, he'd rather do that than anything... well he's started to enjoy the air rifle now, I'm trying to convince him they are for poofs only but he hasn't seen sense yet lol.. looks a cracking little terrier that one mate, they are so loyal it's unreal, one master only.. great your lads got that bond already
  14. My new gang

    Great stuff mate, yeah I knew the kids were similar ages, I love being out with them, either fishing or hunting.. can only do them good imo ... dont half miss my terrier, love a days ratting... I'll be getting a terrier pup in after Christmas... ain't the same without one
  15. My new gang

    The switch has flicked with her now, she turned 2 and is a different animal, very quick and powerful... was all over it today, and concentrated really well (which pleased me a lot showed she is maturing)... she didn't miss much today, our first proper ferreting session this year.. as a member on here told me, she won't make a ferreting bitch... maybe not, but she's a bloody fun dog to have about lol