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  1. Hi I'm looking for hob and Jill Oxfordshire surrounding areas thanks
  2. I'm after an albino hob and Jill Cotswold and surrounding areas
  3. hi any one got any ferrets about in the oxford swindon area, adults or kits cheers
  4. Roofer / Builder

    130 a day
  5. hi my son looking to get into beating /picking up we live in the cotswolds any advice on how i could get him involved would be great thanks
  6. looking for some info on the best lines of working lab also does colour make a diffrence?
  7. Ratting In Gloucestershire

    very interested pm if still looking
  8. Ratting Exeter

    hi mate i would be interested pm me the details
  9. Roofer / Builder

    looking for a roofer and a builder on a day rate swindon oxford area
  10. Ratting In Gloucestershire

    hi mate i would be very interested in a day out ratting i got a cracking plummer old lad but still mustard could do with getting him out more
  11. Shamo Broodcock For Sale

    nice bird mate you still got him?
  12. Ratting

    pm sent
  13. ratting

    looking for some more ratting, got a pack of good working terriers, all stock brocken and top notch at there job will go any whare in england if theres anough to go at cheers
  14. Ferreting for Rabbits and Rats Oxford area

    hi mate if you still need any help give me a pm, could do with a bit of ratting, i have a pack of plummer terriers all stock brocken and very very keen lol
  15. plummer bushing

    nice dog mate heres my plummer