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  1. Catapult issue

  2. Catapult issue

    As I undstand it , in the free land of the UK it is illegal to prepare to defend your self in your own home . If someone attacks you and you have a small piece of wood in your hand at the time by luck , you may be able to say I was tempted at the time to defend my self with this piece of wood I had in my hand , but if you have a bat or sword or such(catapult) by the front door or by your bed to defend your self against an intruder , your in trouble . You must always think about the heath and safety of the intruder FIRST while ... he ...she.... it..they ...are going about his business .
  3. Temperature and bands

    I dont know if it will be hard on the bands . It will slow every thing down .I hold my bands in my hand to keep them warm if I go walking about looking for something to shoot .
  4. Melting pot

    you part timer
  5. Power

    with a sling shot you are goverened by the speed of the elastic 200 to 250 ft per sec in the real world . so if you have weak bands you will only shoot 9 mm bbs at about 3 ft lbs if you shoot full butterfly you will get more power and speed , but with speed your bands will wear out quicker .If you have powerfull bands you will still shoot 9 mm bb at 3 ft lbs 200 . 250 ft per sec , but you will be able to shoot heavy ammo still at 200 250 ft per sec giving you more power . hope this makes sence .
  6. airgun forum?

    I gave up years ago never reregistered
  7. Mould for making ammo

    i have got the fishing weight mould 12mm .its ok but the ammo is not 100% round you have to tumble in a tin can to smooth them out a bit . I would think about a round bullet mould to get perfect round ammo .when i shoot 10mm and 12mm lead it is not as accurate as steel bbs . my lead shot is not perfectly round . I do not have a bullet mould but I do think about it from time to time . I shoot steel bbs
  8. Camaro fenix 400s .22

    my friend had one some years back . cheap , powerfull ,accurate
  9. thinking of letting the photon go

    i think you need something to spot things in the dark . like a NV monocular .
  10. WTF?

    it looks like someone has just destroyed a classic gun
  11. WTF?

    looking at the guns design I would think there is plenty of hammer spring to open the valve . I hope this is not drifting into powering up your air gun .
  12. Elastic slap

    as above you bands are to powerful or your ammo is to light
  13. Webley Eclipse

    you will have to get a rubbish tx200 hw97 or a hw77 now , have you thought about if you want your new gun in silver or black .
  14. Webley Eclipse

    I have a webley omega I think it has the same trigger as the eclipse . my trigger has been a bit of a problem I did solve the problem by beating one trigger componante a little but a bit of dieseling one day brought back the trgger problem . I think the piston slammed back into the trigger mechanism smoothing the bumps I made with a hammer . To solve the problem for now I noticed the piston was a very loose fit and not fully engaging the trigger mechanism when cocking the gun so by buttoning the piston I have tightened the piston in the cylinder all is fine for now . I feel this trigger is a little weak but the gun does shoot fine I have also shot an eclipse that shot fine , but dont diesel the gun and ask about the trigger . If you take the trigger out look at every thing closely it is a little tricky to replace .
  15. Parallax

    almost I would say ..the same position ... was correct but your eye should be looking down the center of the scope every time .
  16. Parallax

    you click on the pictures they then give a full explination , with a demo , you can mess with
  17. Parallax

    the page you are looking at is interactive . so its like you are shooting and sighting a gun
  18. Parallax

    every thing you wont is in this link . you have to go down the page a bit http://www.arld1.com/
  19. Parallax

  20. Scope for spring air rifle

    I would say perfect . big powerfull scopes are a bit of fun on a pcp but on a spring gun they get a bit much 3 x 9 x 40 with a mil dot is all you need and maybe as big as you want to go .
  21. Old Ally Ctties..

    did not like the handy place the milbros have to place your thumb . I had been shooting catupults a few years before I saw a milbro catapult . Us kids made our own catapults and after shooting my thumb a few times I worked out that you dont want your thumb in the middle of the fork .
  22. Catapult elastic

    3/16 or 1/4 that was the question I got mine from a model shop . 1/4 seemed a bit to heavy . My cycle shop sold pellets and fireworks never thought to ask about rubber . I think square rubber can be found on ebay but I would think if you knew of square rubber in a local shop your maybe not to good with ebay . tube works fine instead of square .I spent my early years in perth W.A we used something we called jelly rubber round solid .I think it streched better than the square rubber and was jelly like .I think tubes may work better than the old square rubber .rolyan orange or green tube I will GUESS is like orange =3/16 green =1/4 . rolyan make stronger and weaker tube but you will make some thing out of orange or green ok .
  23. Best Cattie For A Beginner

    I have tryed this with heavy heavy flat bands trying to shoot heavy lead 12mm + and bbs 14mm+ trying to get a lot of power . Getting the ammo to move 230 ft per second + but no accuracy I dont think the heavy draw was the problem I feel the bands get choked up in the forks and the ammo gets moved of target . I will have to try lighter flat bands at some point .
  24. Is this rabbit activity?

    is there any rabbit sh.t . thats a give away