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  1. Scope for spring air rifle

    I would say perfect . big powerfull scopes are a bit of fun on a pcp but on a spring gun they get a bit much 3 x 9 x 40 with a mil dot is all you need and maybe as big as you want to go .
  2. Old Ally Ctties..

    did not like the handy place the milbros have to place your thumb . I had been shooting catupults a few years before I saw a milbro catapult . Us kids made our own catapults and after shooting my thumb a few times I worked out that you dont want your thumb in the middle of the fork .
  3. Catapult elastic

    3/16 or 1/4 that was the question I got mine from a model shop . 1/4 seemed a bit to heavy . My cycle shop sold pellets and fireworks never thought to ask about rubber . I think square rubber can be found on ebay but I would think if you knew of square rubber in a local shop your maybe not to good with ebay . tube works fine instead of square .I spent my early years in perth W.A we used something we called jelly rubber round solid .I think it streched better than the square rubber and was jelly like .I think tubes may work better than the old square rubber .rolyan orange or green tube I will GUESS is like orange =3/16 green =1/4 . rolyan make stronger and weaker tube but you will make some thing out of orange or green ok .
  4. Best Cattie For A Beginner

    I have tryed this with heavy heavy flat bands trying to shoot heavy lead 12mm + and bbs 14mm+ trying to get a lot of power . Getting the ammo to move 230 ft per second + but no accuracy I dont think the heavy draw was the problem I feel the bands get choked up in the forks and the ammo gets moved of target . I will have to try lighter flat bands at some point .
  5. Is this rabbit activity?

    is there any rabbit sh.t . thats a give away
  6. Best Cattie For A Beginner

    nightmare getting into shooting my black widow again . I used to stick something big ammo wize in my black widow and shoot instinctively with standard bands . my black widows then got turn into sling bow experiments but never thought to put lighter bands on the black widow . Aiming with lighter bands is very good ....As above theraband can wear out quickly but if the bands are made well and the catapult is smooth with NO sharp or ruff edges and you only shoot ball bearings they can last a long time .. but i have had a rething about black widows , they would have to be a good first catapult for sure and maybe all you need with a bit of experimenting . If one was to put a hole in the center of the pouch on a set of standard bands to line up the ammo that would help . I may have done this at some time but will have just shot heavy ammo or marbles or rocks .
  7. Best Cattie For A Beginner

    ok i have been shooting my black widow with green rolyan tube and a 20mm x 80mm pouch . not that bad . if the black widow had the roylan orange tube ( if it can be fitted) with a better 20mm x 80mm pouch ( the pouch at present is thick leather and the center hole is not that centeral ) . shooting 9.5 mm ball bearings with the green tube is a bit heavy draw , orange tube would be better . orange tube with a quality pouch shooting 9.5 mm bb s on a black widow is something i will try one day , if i get some orange tube . i would think it will make a good catapult .
  8. Best Cattie For A Beginner

    out of interest could you ever hit anything with any kind of consistency with a black widow as i,mI fecked if I could, yet if I take the tubes off and put flat bands on one I can hit the target constantly, the only thing I can put this down to is the fact it takes so much effort to pull the tubes back that you can't aim up properly before you release the ammo,? I strongly believe that a good catty shooter can shoot most catty,s accurately which I can, but never with a Diablo or black widow strange but true accuracy problems must come from , with the standard blackwidow the large pouch and no center hole to locate ammo . also the heavy bands as they contract they must push the ammo a little of course . also the black widow has a nice strong grip when you draw the catapult but I feel you may vary your hold a little with each shot . I have just put a set of bands on my 1970s black widow made of rolyan green tubing and a pouch size 20mm x 80mm . I will have to wait for the spit I used to get the bands on to dry they just went on . the leather for the pouch is a little thick but I will let you know how it goes . ... that is a funny thing, the ammo they sell with the black widow is way to light but for lobbing heavy ammo a black widow is ok ....... also just thinking when you release the ammo when shooting a black widow with all that fork tip sticking up you could pull the fork tips a bit different each time you shoot ..... also also just noticed holding the black widow with the wrist brace the fork tips are not square to bands when you draw the catapult this has to be the main problem , some bending would be needed to fix this problem . I dont think I will try this .
  9. Best Cattie For A Beginner

    I would think the blackwidow style with a wrist brace is good to start shooting with . I made my own as a kid for years with square rubber then got a black widow when they came out in 1970 s loved it . I have gone back to basic fork with flat bands more accurate I think , but the black widow (or similar ) is powerful and safe for hands , cheap and easy to find .
  10. Lead Free Pellets

    tryed some called dynamic ok 13 yards . stupid price . also tryed the plastic ones with steel ( or what ever it is ) core no good at all . also tryed some cheaper chinese ones useless .
  11. 40 Yard Droop!

    bisley mags will shoot well under power out of your spring gun. bisley mags 10..10.5 ft lbs if your gun is shooting say jsb express at 11.5 .. 12 ft lbs in 177 , 22 maybe wores . A lighter pellet will help you out a lot . you need to chrono your gun maybe . using chair gun it says to me with what you say your gun could be shooting at 3 ft lbs or less . if at 20 yards your tight group is 8 inchs or more above your aim piont . giving not quite a foot drop at 40 yards . are you sure you are not shooting a crossbow
  12. Of Interest... Perhaps.

    Like in scotland the woman drug dealer Sharon McMillan whos child was shot by the man she sold drugs to , was one of the people leading the charge to ban air guns . Now we have MISS Amy Allen who has a much more fetching double chin than Sharon McMillan calling for air guns controlls . What is confusing me is when this idiot Jordan Walters was shooting at MISS Amy Allen s child was she present or had she left here child in the care of this idiot . i dont think this has any thing to do with the latest events that have occurred with air guns , this is just the end of a long plan to disarm the public . You will have noticed the constant cat shot stories in the local news for the last 6 mounths or more . the same people who dont want the americans armed dont want us armed at all . Air guns are a gateway gun . The idiot Jordan Walters got 2 years prison for shooting a child in the head how big a crime can it be . A future idiot , in the future will have to use ...catupult . bow . crossbow . or leave the cap of the bleach . white spirits .asprins . rat pioson or leave the stair gate open ect and idiot will always be an idiot .
  13. .177 Air Gun

    if you want the 22 experience with a 177 gun just get stupid heavy pellets . With a pcp you will get better down range power with the 177 than with a 22 if the pellet weight is the same , but with a spring gun a heavy 177 pellet shoots total cr.p .
  14. Rifle For First Time User

    hw 100 very consistent shot to shot . aa s410 simpler gun so a little more reliable i would think but the gun has a power curve to understand .
  15. .177 Air Gun

    177 at 12 ft lbs is the best . Whether 177 it is or is not the better caliber at 12 ft lbs the ammo is a lot cheaper .I have 177 and 22 if I had to have one gun only it would be 177 .
  16. New Catty???

    make my own . experimented with ply wood different shape and holds . learn to tye different tubes and flat bands . mess with different pouches and ammo . slowly get what i wont .
  17. Steel

    if you type fullmarkshuntingfishing into google or who ever you will find fullmarks discount hunting supplies ...you type fullmarks discount hunting supplies i guess . there are some 14 mm bb there that dont seem to be on there ebay site .
  18. Gzk-Band

    the thing to do would be make a sets of bands using gzk and theraband and shoot them over a chrono . Test the draw weight against speed the lowest draw weight with the highest speed is the winner . Also see what rubber last the longest .
  19. Different Ammo Issue

    may be you are twisting your fork while shooting . it is not a problem with the small ammo but the larger stuff is hitting . maybe...... when you release the ammo your hand moves foreward but with the heavyer ammo your hand moves forward less so the fork is still in the path of the shot .
  20. Diablo Pro Slingshot

    i have found sighting the wrist braced style of catapult not as good a standard fork style . the wrist brace catapults are good for power and to stop you hitting your hand while shooting . I feel it is possible to hold the wrist braced catapult a little different each time while shooting . So when i use a piece of the frame as my fore sight , my fore sight moves a lot more of target from shot to shot with a wrist brace catapult . this problem my be over come with practice using a wrist brace catapult i would think . as for the sights i think they are just a gimmik . for my front sight i use the point where one band joins the frame , for my rear sight i look down that band and hold the band to my face . i hold the y shape sideways one band over the other and to ellivate the shot i raise my foresight .
  21. Best Tbg For 9.5 Steel

    i use four lengths of band 15mm wide two on each side . 7 1/2 inches from fork to the pouch . that is where i have gotten to with trial and error . the sling shot chanel bloke has a band calculator on his site .
  22. Broken Pellet Probe.

    had a thought as to the cause of the problem . not sure if i can post it here but here goes many many year ago in my youth one air gun experiment involed swan vesta matches . this may have been tryed and if the matches had ignited in the breech for some reason . the damage to the probe looks like an old black powder gun that wasn t cleaned after shooting . the barrel may have the same problem . can you ask the previous owner about swan vesta matches .
  23. Broken Pellet Probe.

    maybe the person servicing you gun swapped your guns bolt with a guns bolt they found in the canal .
  24. 5.6Mm Pellet Choices

    I found rws superdome worked ok in a gun that seemed to like 5.6 pellets .
  25. a teen Ben Wragge 13 years old died after being shot with a over powered poorly made or maintained air gun . The gun would shoot by its self . A coroner is going to ask for tighter controls on air guns , after what he called a rare tragic accident . rule number one dont point at gun at any one ( what is the point of that rule ), how will you stop an idiot doing that with tighter controls . today 13 year olds and guns are there no rules . today over powered air guns are there no rules . and surely giving 13 year olds and over powered dangerous to opperate air gun are there no rules for that . so how is this an accident .