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  1. First taste of feather ....

    He,s been taking lessons off whin
  2. Buying A Racing Dog To Race

    Askern and highgate are still going as flapping tracks not for from leeds
  3. Dirt fishing find

    had a fair bit of silver with my 250, mate does ok with his at pro
  4. Dirt fishing find

    Any g2 users , thinking about buying one
  5. Show Us Your White Dog's

    just watched it , classy bird lol
  6. Felt An Earthquake Today

    Felt afew tremours over the years ratteld the wardrobe abit , but the typhoons breaking the sound barrier last year on a qra certainly shook the area
  7. Sky Tv

    I have an LG smart tv. Just went into LG store and it was on there. hows it for streaming sports ?
  8. Robert Hardy Rip

    Remember talking to him in richmond market place early 80s lovely down to earth bloke , he loved filming in the yorkshire market towns and was often seen walking about sight seeing RIP
  9. Sky Tv

    Noticed , sky sports contracts are for 18 months , i used to turn mine off after footy season
  10. Sky Tv

    Afew i work with swear by iptv , even for sport
  11. Deer Poacher's Caught By Posting On Fb.

    The working dog game dont need muppets like that , feck em
  12. Had afew nice rings of the beach detecting along with no end of beer cans, and fishing weights lol
  13. Iptv

  14. Froom

    certainly up the with cycling's greats , just a shame Thomas cav and sagan went out early
  15. Iptv

    is anyone using iptv ? just wonderd what its like for sports as kodi seems to lag all the time