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  1. Workin the Reed beds

    Love hunting the reed beds , my old beddy use to spend more time stood up on his two back legs than running around on 4 lol must have thought he was a meercat
  2. I miss the old days

    Had some good dogs sarah
  3. I miss the old days

    Use to like the minshaw threads, they could rumble on for abit lol
  4. Leeds Castle

    Some nice collars there , would have loved to have seen the dogs that wore them
  5. Simply loveleh

    think it would be better if he tamed it down abit lo
  6. Simply loveleh

    simply loveleh brotherhood
  7. Simply loveleh

    Ive taken it down , had second thoughts lol abit to exteme for on here
  8. Hannah Hauxwell.........

    Hannah was only 46 when the programme was made and only knew life on the farm living in a different era as time had stood still Heard her do a radio interview later saying she quite liked village life and having company plus mod cons Certainly a one off RIP
  9. I miss the old days

    Molls ratting threads and pics where class
  10. Fake metal detecting find

    Gutted but funny though
  11. Dogs making money ££

    that's him Digga didn't want to mention his name on the forum lol
  12. Dogs making money ££

    Bloke has a set up near me , selling to the arabs and the moneys unbelieveable
  13. Myth or not

    Canarys are ok , but its them boxing budgies that are full of surprises ,seen then lay afew chickens out lol
  14. Snowing

    just been to asda panick buying all the stella ..... ohh and a loaf of bread
  15. Staffy Bull

    Was that in the north west Navek, think about oct time?