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  1. steve66

    Embarrassing moments

    Mrs recently went into B&Ms and asked a shop assistant if he had fatballs , I was in the background pmsl he was bright red and couldn't keep a straight face when she realised what she said , she said er er for the birds lol made my day lol
  2. steve66

    Fly the flag for England.......no don't !

    Well I'm sure the Russians wont let them down , other side of the coin if you get banged up with todays political relations with Russia it could be along time before you set foot back on british soil
  3. steve66

    7 sausage dogs

    they look like coon hounds
  4. how many times can abott get on question time 

    1. Blackbriar


      And what in god's name did she have on ????

  5. steve66

    Harry marrying a half caste

    running with the Kenyans is a good read, some of the worlds best have spent time training in iten
  6. steve66


    panda coins seem to be the way to go , though I still buy silver britanias every year
  7. steve66

    75 Years Ago Today..........

    That's the one in leeds yesterday , there was a candidian one at leeds Bradford airport at the week end
  8. steve66

    75 Years Ago Today..........

    c17 probably , seen it knocking about over leeds yesterday
  9. steve66

    75 Years Ago Today..........

    Lancs been replaced with a typhoon I believe
  10. steve66

    Springer x Stafford

    very smart Bosun , looks a handy dog
  11. steve66

    wonder lust..

    Feck that travelling abroad , ive seen banged up abroad ,stuff of nightmares lol east coast scarbados for me
  12. steve66

    Staffy Bull

    Some very nice types on the sporting bull group on fb , lads who have put a lot of time and pride in there dogs
  13. steve66

    Staffy Bull

    still plenty about , but a lot of staffs seem to have the bulldog look these days , not fat just solid blocks lol
  14. steve66


    I tried jogging once , only once
  15. steve66

    working dachshunds

    interesting to see victor , never seen a working teckle in the uk