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    Laughing at the village idiot.
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    Mostly shooting pigeons,corvids,rabbits,geese,ducks and other vermin.
    Like to get out with the ferrets especially in winter can`t beat it for a good day out.

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  1. Where can I buy plastic ferret box from

  2. out again

    Looks like it was a nice day there yesterday with no ice about.
  3. out again

    Nice shooting plenty more to come.Can`t say your an amateur.
  4. just call me archie ?

    Archie Waist Coates.
  5. just call me archie ?

    Archie Camo Coates.
  6. i will be keeping a eye out

    got the spys on here now not bad to say not interested in my post cant leave me alone lol
  7. Another great day out and once the rain stopped and the fog lifted it was quiet warm.Will have to give van a wash tomorrow as a bit muddy from driving the field.Will get the rabbits in freezer tomorrow.
  8. Couple hours out this morning

    A good morning out.
  9. New perms at the end of the season

    Surprising how many farmers and landowners see you ferreting next to their land and ask you to do a bit for them.You soon pick up some permission.
  10. Roosting again.

    Every Friday in February and last one coming up.
  11. i will be keeping a eye out

    Shame neighbour never got the registration number.I bet it is scroats from round your area can think of a couple.
  12. Had an evening roost shooting again tonight.Not many people out tonight there was not a lot of shooting from neighbouring woods.It was very calm with hardly any wind and the pigeons must have found a safe place to roost.Not the numbers of pigeons about as last week and ended the evening with 9 pigeons.
  13. just call me archie ?

    Good shooting must have been a bit damp but you stuck it out and did well.Farmer must be well pleased with you.
  14. Goose ringing.

    Recently while out shooting geese two of the greylag geese we shot had rings on.Both rings numbers were sent off and we have just got the details back from one ring at the moment.It gave details that the goose was ringed as a nestling in 2014.It was 3 1/2 years old when shot and had been ringed between 6 and 7 miles from where it was shot.