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    Mostly shooting pigeons,corvids,rabbits,geese,ducks and other vermin.
    Like to get out with the ferrets especially in winter can`t beat it for a good day out.

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  1. First this season

    Some good eating there.
  2. We had a day out ferreting today me,Stuart and John.Started on the edge of a wood took us till dinner time to get 7.Then we moved and bolted another 4 to shotguns before we had to call it a day with a total of 11.Had a good day out with good company.
  3. Had a ride out tonight and got laid up for a couple of hours.Clear skies and a full moon and wind blowing towards rabbits kept them wary.Could see them among the brambles but they never started to come out till I was ready to go home.Only managed two and will have to stop later another time to catch them coming out.
  4. Morning Stroll

    Nice going your lad certainly looks pleased.
  5. A Walk In The Dark.

    Never gave you a thought must have missed up on a good deal.
  6. A Walk In The Dark.

    Hardly any wind here and it was noisy walking through the leaves.
  7. I met up with Stuart today at 1330 after he rang me to say he had found a few pigeons on a field of cut maize.We shot till 1530 and had a good couple of hours considering we started late.Stuart attracted a few rooks and crows by throwing one he shot over the top of the hide.We managed to get 30 woodpigeon,6 rooks,2 crows and 1 feral pigeon.
  8. Went out for a couple of hours tonight to try out my new photon rt and pulsar helion thermal imager.Could see lots of rabbits with the thermal imager so plenty to go at.But forgot to put the sling on the rifle and had to keep putting it down to scan around.Got 3 rabbits so was not a wasted night out.
  9. Just A Few Pics

    Some nice days out by the look of it.
  10. Trip Out

    Nice session i find it much easier and quicker just to breast them.
  11. Nice Day Ferreting.

    We were out ferreting today.Managed to get 15 rabbits.Had to dig for three as ferrets killed underground.Not too bad though as deepest was four feet but it was hard digging.Plenty more to go at here so some nice days ferreting to go yet.
  12. Corvids On The Stubbles

    Good couple of sessions.
  13. Bit Early But I'm Ready

    Was it tasty.
  14. Me And Stuart Pigeon Shooting.

    We will have to have a go on the other field to see what we can get.Not been shot so we should have another good day before he cultivates the field.
  15. Out on the beans again with Stuart today.We had a look at a couple of fields but decided to shoot in the same place we shot the other week.We got set up and it was 1215 when we got sat down in the hide ready to shoot a few pigeons.Hardly any wind today and it was looking like we were going to struggle for a decent bag of pigeons.It picked up a little from 1400 and the pigeons seemed to be moving about more.There was a steady flow of pigeons till we packed in at 1650 as it was looking like rain.We got packed up and just got the photo when the rain started so at least we never got too wet.We finished with 78 wood pigeons,14 ferals and a jackdaw.So a total today of 93.