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  1. Rear Diff For A Quad

    I got prices for new bits from uk quad suppliers, but it was a bit pricey! Never thought of States suppliers I'll give it a look and see how their prices fare.
  2. Rear Diff For A Quad

    Yep it's f****d, the pinion looks like something out of a sci fi movie
  3. Rear Diff For A Quad

    Can any body point me in the direction of a second hand rear diff for a kawasaki kvf400 on a 1999 plate, mine is well and truly goosed, I'd even buy a full quad as spares or repairs if I could find one. I've looked in the usual places such as ebay, quad bikes Wales, atv city and all the others in the quad bike spares topic but to no avail. Any help appricated
  4. Vegans

    Taxi driver mentioned athletes who are vegan, don't think David haye is a good example with his wonky joints, I'm not 100% but I don't think he was vegan whilst he was a cruiser weight , and maybe the added weight and bad (vegan) diet has a lot to answer for with his broken toe, his bad leg and his constant shoulder problems. But f**k them I'm having steak tonight!!
  5. Ok thanks mine came yesterday. Dusted down dogs and kennels we will wait and see
  6. Question for rabbit poacher if it kill worms why do you have to give it a spoon full a day? Not being a smart arse I've just ordered some.
  7. London Then And Now.

    Jo Reilly agree 100% on where are taxes are going is a joke, state and religion should be totally separate and as such should not receive any hand outs and be taxed as a business is, and I'm not just talking about mosques, all religion. I'd even go as far as to say religious schools should be banned. If you want to pray do it in your own time. Kids are in school to learn and in a society where kids are struggling to read, write and do basic math why are we wasting there time with religion? And don't tell me it's so they grow up knowing right from wrong as is said in the bible, if a parent can't teach their child right from wrong we'll the bible certainly won't! Maybe the money saved could go towards helping choir boys nonced by priest or young vulnerable girls raped by Muslim gangs or families who've been devasted by terrorism in the name of some god or other. Religion was a good idea hundreds of years ago to keep people in check through fear of the unknown, but today people should know better, theirs laws of the land to keep people in check and punishments (although in my opinion some punishments are to soft) to keep order. This mightn't be popular with some of the cult members here but the same applies, why should you pay for one cult that you don't believe or follow whilst still paying for your own.
  8. Bosuns got some going pm him
  9. Anyone Make Mead

    I've got one bubbling away in a demijohn now, it takes a while to finish so you'll have to wait for the verdict.
  10. Night Out Shooting Cubs...

    Maybe so dilly, but would the vixen eat the dead? Seems that a struggling vixen may use the waste not want not method. Either way it's interesting and maybe worth some proper research on litter sizes.
  11. Night Out Shooting Cubs...

    Taking into consideration that opening up a vixen isn't done that often, (I'm just thinking out loud here) is it not possible that big litters could be the norm and maybe the vixen kills the excess or weak depending on food supply. Let's face it dogs often have big litters but the bitch is fed ample and so has no need to kill excess but she will still remove weak pups.
  12. Bellman And Flint

    I doubt it I've been waiting for a reply for ages
  13. Met Anyone Famous?

    Jimmy saville used to babysit me. He was always complaining he was cold and wanting to snuggle under my bed sheets!
  14. Summer Q

    What are you stuffing those peppers with? They look lovely
  15. Bellman And Flint

    I've sent you a pm