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  1. opinions please

    i put them holes down to 3.5 inch mesh and advanced net shrinking, rabbits cant get the head through they bite. had less holes since using the bigger meshed nets
  2. opinions please

    when you throw the loops over your peg that keeps tention up to that point and on the way out to the next peg i try keep hold of the top line to hold the tension plus it also stops you from putting top to the pottom when pegging. its not alway possible to keep hold of the top line as you have to reach in the pocket to find a peg and put it out so at this point try putting your thumb on the hank to stop it moving of the pin and pull it away from last peg to keep tension if its not tight enough on the peg after that just throw an extra loop or 2 over until you get the tension. you have all summer to get it right
  3. Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    that happened to me once. i thought i was getting a kickin it hurt
  4. Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    paulus on second account?
  5. 100 meter exclusion zone

    if you want to protest start an e petition but hounding people is wrong. protest the protesters lol
  6. Partnerships..

    Dont forget suarez and sturrage
  7. Ford ranger radio code

    you can buy little programs on ebay for this, or you could do once upon a time. 99p and it comes in an email have a look you never know
  8. Conor mcgregor

    i thought it was the man city bus lol
  9. What you listening to at the moment.

    learn french
  10. A Ferrets Value ?

    Just breed what you need, gifting what you dont need to known working homes and knock the rest. If you push the price up then all of a sudden the internet will be full if ferret farmers selling top strains from working homes and 100 notes each.. I never paid yet but i ha e travelled 2 hours each way and 40 quid in diesel to get what i wanted..
  11. Thinking of converting to islam

    Funny you say that as I have no mates left. I heard they all got chased in to the sea up north..
  12. Thinking of converting to islam

    I think you will find it was jedi not islam https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jedi_census_phenomenon Any way i fooked it off when they said i cant smoke in church no more.. I hate health and safety Second hand lightsabre for sale.. 1 carefull owner
  13. AR Style Compact

    I don' know why anybody would want a plinker that looks all John j rambo for it to only shoot at 12 ft lb Honest truth, I would give up the plinkers before buying that.
  14. New BSA Defiant Bullpup

    That bsa is Ugly.. if that was my only gun I would have to shoot in the dark..
  15. What has happened

    cant be so.. they only do it once