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  1. Winchester sub's .22

    same here never had problems and have used them best part of 30 years
  2. Remember Your First Fish?

    no mate a little common-have a look at its mouth . Atb dc image.jpeg Charlottes first pike, the look on her face says it all i think haha At stickle back
  3. Some New Perm

  4. View From Your Swim

    did you get a take
  5. Magic With The Ff5

    you carry on les i was just saying what i thought you and others might think its ok but i didn't maybe i think its just a waste of food
  6. Magic With The Ff5

    skinner he had got me my carts and if I had not gone buddy there is people around there dieing to get on that land so if I had stayed at home buddy I would have lost the permission .now what would you do buddy . its some of the best pigeon shooting in that area if my farmers wanted me to shoot 100 piddys and leave them he would be shooting them his self or getting some one else to shoot them who don't mind leaving them , leaving a few ok but 100 i think not , crows will do more damage eating them than you would of done picking them up
  7. Dog Jabs

    if its had its first jabs don't bother with any more
  8. Magic With The Ff5

    i think your a great guy les but to shoot that many and only be able to pick up aint very good , maybe you should of stopped at home
  9. Who You Voting

    labour , but i will still hunt any thing i want to
  10. Humidity Meter

  11. Humidity Meter

    what is the best humidity meter to use in a brinsea 20 eco thanks for your help
  12. A Massive Shock... Warning

    sorry to hear your bad news and thanks for the warning
  13. bye gum stoggy your keen but good on you
  14. Liquid Fox Lure Scent

    Emailed him a few times! No reply well feck him , get your self a fox, skin it soak its skin in water and a few rabbit guts stir, after 3 wks strain off and put in spray bottles
  15. Vacs

    protect them from what