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  1. You ain’t tried the new deben 45w led as good as a blitz with a tighter beam .. box says extra 50m not that it makes much difference to a rabbiter but what I will say is I can’t run my 14ah lithium flat done a bag of 64 other week to still have 3 bars left on indicator 👍
  2. Warning

    Moons been up that’s why
  3. Striker Variable ?

    I've got the deben 170 and just upgraded to 100w but granted it doesn't last as long as the 75w
  4. Five Months

    What's the breeding it's a cracker
  5. Going To Let Her Go .....

    Not the best situation. .. real shame as her sister is shaping up nicely with storm323
  6. Ruck Sacks For Rabbits

    Doubt that carrying a lamp .. dog on slip .. potentially over 50+ rabbits
  7. Ruck Sacks For Rabbits

    Haha not quite .. had a few straps have gone .. bottoms fallen through .. etc
  8. Ruck Sacks For Rabbits

    What ruck sacks are boys using on decent night of rabbits .. that'll hold well as many as it can
  9. This Years Pups

    looks well put together pal only the best blood
  10. This Years Pups

    From a bitch I own .. 5th gen deer x grey 1/2 to a half cross Picardy grey n Sire was Dai lloyds ceaser .. razor x bull grey
  11. This Years Pups

    Luna 8 months
  12. New Lurcher Lamp Have You Say

    The deben 150 only have a years warranty. I've had one and friend only lasted us a season .. led went dim .. chargers are crap . Charger point f****d .. Then again I'd buy a new set up every year if I had to
  13. Lurcher Collar

    Just had one off Dai .. seems very strong collar should last good few seasons .. nice easy to clean and cheap at £15
  14. *new* Biothane® Dog Collars And Couples

    Had 2 lurcher collars .. great price and quick delivery at £15 a steal
  15. My Strange Bred Sapling Making A Big Fella

    He's looking great mate