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  1. Dogs eye

    Trauma to the skull/compression to the brain can cause the pupil in one eye to be different to the other.Has he had a bang to the head ? You`re doing right getting him to the vets.
  2. Cyril Regis

    It says cardiac arrest,age 59.
  3. Cyril Regis

    Legend. Very strong centre forward with a cracking shot.(see the goal of the season he scored against Norwich) Seemed a decent bloke also.RIP
  4. AWESOME New Hunting Mink!

    Good luck with the breeding plan.
  5. shared Permission in Northumberland

    You give him access to your permission and he and his mates clear it of all game.
  6. waterloo cup 2005

    Shashi won the last Waterloo cup,there`s abit of footage on youtube.
  7. waterloo cup 2005

    Have you tried a search for Shashi hare coursing?
  8. Holidays next year.

    Don`t rush into it mate.
  9. Question for THL agony aunts

    I don`t think it`s healthy for anyone to have unanswered questions running around inside your head. Meet up and ask all your questions and then make your mind up. Remember you`re only here once.
  10. RIP Malcolm Young

    Rocker,roller,right out of controller,wheeler,dealer,wicked woman stealer,bruiser............rock`n rollin man.
  11. Picture Of My Saluki Bull Greyhound Pup 6Month Old

    My pup of this breeding.
  12. Sloe Gin

    I made some sloe gin a couple of weeks ago for the first time. Looking forward to sampling it at Christmas.
  13. A Few Of My Big Lad

    Nice racey type. How tall is he? How`s he bred?
  14. Wheaten Greyhounds

    Looks a no nonsence type of dog.
  15. Out With The Pups

    Lovely dogs. Have you got a planned litter coming up?