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  1. If meat eaters acted like vegans....

    It's anyone's choice to choose what they like. BUT............. to choose a way of life and eating, that is fundamentaly dentrimental to one's 'long term mental wellbeing' is f***ing NUTS! A MEN BROTHER
  2. If meat eaters acted like vegans....

    Vegans, vegetarians etc, are like any other group of deluded muppets. Need wiping off the earth. And before any mentally weak 'sap' has a go, humans as a race, wouldn't have evolved to what we now are if we didn't eat meat. Spout all you like about modern day 'choice' etc, protein from animal meat is needed for certain brain functions. In other words, over time, those who have gone down the wrong path, will end up as stupid as the modern day 'choice' that they have chosen is!
  3. Beddy x whippet

    You've just gone and ruined your credibilty on here, by putting 'boy not girl', instead of DOG not BITCH
  4. Beddy greyhound pups

    Lol plenty on here that should be inside institutions! lol
  5. New Pup

    Definitely looks like a faint tan coming through on that left foreleg. Looks well chilled laying there lol
  6. New Pup

    Good luck with him. looks a cracker
  7. New Pup

    Yeah seen a few merle pups change colour slightly as they grow. I know he's only 8 weeks, but he looks a little lighter already than the pics you put up of him at 4 weeks, and with that faint tan coming through. Very nice
  8. New Pup

    obviously joking. Pup looks cracking fastdogz. Is his coat changing slightly in colour? . In the first pic his left leg looks like a very faint tan going through it?
  9. New Pup

    Never trust a dog with pointy ears. They are more likely to revert to more wolflike behaviour than drop eared dogs
  10. Show us your Bull x

    Trust me fella, I've never jacked on f**k all in my whole life. But what's the point in keeping something going with someone that's too dim to see the real picture?!
  11. Show us your Bull x

    Further comments from oneself will only be deleterious to the thread, so one shall refrain . But, as Daniel cain said, they are nice pups
  12. Show us your Bull x

    Not that hard to understand really. Again, every few months either you, your father or your mates seem to have pups about
  13. Show us your Bull x

    Nice looking pups, but f**k me, how many litters do you breed a year?! Not wishing to spoil the thread for others, but every couple of months either you, your father, or your friends just happen to have a few pups on the go!
  14. Beddy greyhound pups

  15. Beddy greyhound pups

    You are right about the gutch common lines bill. My brother in law got a pair of pups out of a 1st cross whip/grey to a gc bred beddy in 1979. Red/fawn dog pup and a lovely dark blue and tan bitch pup from same litter. Bich died of gastroenteritis at 4 months old, but the dog went on to be a really useful daytime ferreting/mooching dog. Best coats on any bedlington bred dogs I've personally ever seen. Totally waterproof and very dense