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  1. fizz

    hi lads sorry to all that have posted that i have not got back to but been offline for a bit i will post some pics of the little terrors now as they have changed so much and there now running about all over the bloody place
  2. fizz

    hi kris i have taken a few deposits and not everyone has been round yet to see them but as soon as i know which ones are available i will post them up on here but you might have to fight my wife for the black and white one my wife has fallen in love with it
  3. fizz

    cheers for all the comment s the bitch is about 24" and the sire is about 26"
  4. fizz

    she is from cruise lines i got her when i lived up north and i put her to a pure saluki near where i live now in sussex called red who is very well bred also and killed a few in his time before injury put pay to his career
  5. fizz

    sorry mate post edited pics up now
  6. fizz

    So the day finally came yesterday and my saluki fizz has had seven healthy little ones 4 bitches 3 dogs with a right mixed bag of colours thought i would post a few pics so you could have a look cheers
  7. pure saluki pups

    hi all just wondered if anybody has any idea how much well bred pure saluki's go for now as you just can't get hold of them any more . if anyone has any idea please drop me a line cheers deano
  8. free to good home

    still looking anyone interested give me a shout cheers
  9. free to good home

    Due to no fault of his own im having to find a home for this 5 year old gent before the ban he took all quarry day and night and still very keen . great first dog and will do all that you want of him . tom is in west sussex please pm me if interested many thanks
  10. new pup

    Dam open class greyhound, winner of sprint and distance opens. Line bred to I'm Slippy and Sandman
  11. new pup

    she is out of a dog of brookie's called duke to a very well bred racing greyhound
  12. new pup

    just thought i would post a cpl of pics of the new pup she is so switched on it is unbelievable let me know what you think
  13. dog runs

    thanks it ended up costing about £700 but that was with the base the drains all the timber so all in all i dont think it was that bad because it is 4.5 metres by 3.5 metres so plenty of room
  14. dog runs

    hi all just thought i would put a pic up of the new dog run i have just built the dogs where have you got yours staying ?
  15. Lurcher Pups

    pm'd you