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  1. Clothes

    They redwing boots accip? They look good quality.
  2. Clothes

    Yeah it's not amazing gear although to be fair I've got 2 jackets I've had a couple of years and they have been spot on, I've got an old pair of shorts made in Europe that are still decent and a newer pair that are starting to fall apart which says it all really.
  3. Clothes

    My wardrobe is pretty much fjallraven and barbour, I like engineered garments and norse projects too along with Marks and Spencer cords and Clark's desert boots.
  4. Your Life Is Great For Three Reasons?

    God, my country and my family
  5. what ye reckon?

    Christ she's ugly
  6. Would You Take The Fence

    Seems a bit of a shame digging up a nice old hedge to put in a fence.
  7. I've had jacks, mate has had a 20+ pounder on a 2inch jig head.
  8. I'm not so sure, same swims, same time of day, same lures, same weather conditions and fish acting completely different lol. Not just perch either, spent the other day in heavy rain laid on my stomach at the top of a high banked drain trying to catch chub which are really skittish on leger, only 1 to 2 feet deep but got them confident over my bait, tried bread, maggots and worm just not interested in feeding, only managed a couple of small chub up to about a pound the day before and a couple of roach same sort of size. Nice to catch in those sort of venues as opposed to a commercial but they ain't half tricky to hook lol. I suppose like anything it is maybe right place, wrong time and they will switch on at some point.
  9. Thats a nice fish pal. Been doing quite a bit of perch fishing this last week, can't quite work out their feeding habits this year they seem to switch on and off. Had loads out on jigs and dropshot on the ancholme and canals around stainforth and aire and Calder but nowt over a pound. Went back to the ancholme and had a couple of better ones but they didn't seem to be on it, and on my last trip I was watching them ignore every lure I put in front of them and only got a couple, fortunately one was a new pb which must have had a look at my dropshot for a good 5 mins before taking it more out of curiosity than feeding hard.
  10. Catalonia

    I don't get the logic of wanting independence from Spain but wanting to be a part of the eu.
  11. Isn't alcohol brewed from plants lol.
  12. Made Me Laugh

    There's a bloke who runs round park near me barefoot with a t-shirt saying vegan across front and back in big letters lol.
  13. Mackerel Fishing

    I was down there last week had some out on a mepps at slapton. A few lads where pulling loads out on feathers. Hammering the white bait exactly like your pic.
  14. No Place For The Kkk In America

    Implying allied troops invading Nazi occupied Europe would have anything to do with modern antifa/queers/trannies etc is laughable.