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  1. Dog running off??

    I used to get stressed. Now just sit down admire the scenery and give the odd whistle. You don't know what scent they've picked up. Mine always comes back just a matter of when. Annoying in twilight to be fair.
  2. Terrier bloat

    Might calm down once he realises he's getting a steady regular meal out of you and not having to fight for it. Mine changed loads and was similar coming from crap home at 8months.
  3. Another Good Day

    Used to go out west ish Qld as a kid past Texas. Looks similar Landscape actually. Get any crays in the dam?
  4. Biggest little railway in the world

    Few got a bit lairy with each other especially the 'bosses'. Quad in water and train fell over on first bend. Does this mean they have to start again? If not what is the challenge here they may aswell drive a remote control car along the route. That train is going to be doing a lot steeper gradients than a real one could and it's allowed to derail without penalty I honestly don't see the point. Will probably watch next week though want to see that geek boss get sacked got no authority.
  5. Another Good Day

    Nice what state was that?
  6. Under the boardwalk.

    You find dogs more switched on in cold? Was like a hound today
  7. Under the boardwalk.

    Loads of scent about today. Walking next to a brook bitch was getting her nose into the grass and reeds thought there might be something about. Heard her race under this boardwalk next thing got a mouth full of top hat squeaking away. Few shakes it was done. Good walk out seen a few bunnies so population must be coming back slightly.
  8. Profile views?

    I hit username by mistake on these phones sometimes must look like a perv
  9. Bert Gripton.

    Good video
  10. Magpies.

    Sounds good. Get some photos!
  11. Took this squirrel with an old open sight springer today. Had the dog which will quickly dispatch if shot isn't perfect, however hit right below the eye. Dropped like a stone. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i67.tinypic.com/wtaoub.jpg%5B/IMG%5D http://
  12. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Uncanny that @jcm looks like my bitch.
  13. Allergy?

    Thanks. Interesting. We had some human prescription hand cream in the house which seemed to coincide with the on coming of itching. Can only assume was being exposed when dog was touched by hands after cream. We've got rid of this and dog seems more settled and less irritated. Perhaps it will take couple of weeks for cream effects to wear off and reaction to go away? I've continued with ear drops but have resisted using aqupol for now. Interesting write up btw. Thanks
  14. Dog has recently (last 4/5 weeks) been scratching ears till a sore develops on top. I've been using a cone to stop this why I try to fix the underlying problem. Like an idiot I cleaned the wax out a few weeks ago. I then bought Thornit last week and used that for 5 days as per instructions (apart from the not cleaning the wax out part!). No joy with this so went vet yesterday. He says no sign of ear mites. He also says ear drums are slightly inflamed but no sign of infection, although one is slightly opaque. He suspects an allergy although the dog has never suffered with this before. Bitch is approx 3 1/2 years old. Is it usual for a mongrel terrier to develop allergies at this age? I've always thought allergies were for overbred pedigree types! I've been given Canaural ear drops to relieve the ear drums and some Apoquel tablets for potential allergic relief. I'm going to use the Canaveral on it's own for 3 days then if no joy start the allergic tablets.
  15. Never Thought The Day Would Come

    Loads of birds on that site fencing last week and bizarrely one massive bird of prey on it too! Had to double take. Croft hill still got a few in amongst the bramble