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  1. Allergy?

    Thanks. Interesting. We had some human prescription hand cream in the house which seemed to coincide with the on coming of itching. Can only assume was being exposed when dog was touched by hands after cream. We've got rid of this and dog seems more settled and less irritated. Perhaps it will take couple of weeks for cream effects to wear off and reaction to go away? I've continued with ear drops but have resisted using aqupol for now. Interesting write up btw. Thanks
  2. Dog has recently (last 4/5 weeks) been scratching ears till a sore develops on top. I've been using a cone to stop this why I try to fix the underlying problem. Like an idiot I cleaned the wax out a few weeks ago. I then bought Thornit last week and used that for 5 days as per instructions (apart from the not cleaning the wax out part!). No joy with this so went vet yesterday. He says no sign of ear mites. He also says ear drums are slightly inflamed but no sign of infection, although one is slightly opaque. He suspects an allergy although the dog has never suffered with this before. Bitch is approx 3 1/2 years old. Is it usual for a mongrel terrier to develop allergies at this age? I've always thought allergies were for overbred pedigree types! I've been given Canaural ear drops to relieve the ear drums and some Apoquel tablets for potential allergic relief. I'm going to use the Canaveral on it's own for 3 days then if no joy start the allergic tablets.
  3. Never Thought The Day Would Come

    Loads of birds on that site fencing last week and bizarrely one massive bird of prey on it too! Had to double take. Croft hill still got a few in amongst the bramble
  4. Never Thought The Day Would Come

    Do you mean Network Rail mate BR is a thing of the past and as far as I know NR do not gas the bunnies and it looks like its been sprayed with weed killer No, it has been cut and the holes have been filled and the rabbits are not there so i assume it has been gassed two years ago i cleared rabbits at Flash Farm Narborough on the Leicester to Brum line that was gassed all the way out to Croft.. Do you know the flash farm owners Micky? I have a bit of tenuous connection. I'm always up walking round croft hill if you ever fancy a mooch. My bitch always pushes few bunnies out never seems to catch though
  5. Myxi

    Walked some ground last week which is usually holding plenty. Never seen one. First time I haven't seen one this place
  6. Connecting To Waste Drains

    It's illegal without a application. If sewers just serving your own prop then it's simple indirect application. If it's serving you and others it's a bit more palarva as it's classified as a sewer and is under water boards ownership. As with most things in life if you just get it done to a decent standard then I'd craic on. The water board haven't got a clue about where any of these lateral drains are anyway
  7. Dogs Coat

    Well I got rid of those capsules. The more I read about the more confused I got and wasn't sure if it would be for the best. It is a border type coat but not much underneath. I've stripped before and doesn't look any better. What I can't understand is when I got her she wasn't in great shape. Then her coat improved over a few months and ended up mint. Then it slowly started to look worse. Not as bad as when I got her but not mint. Diet has never really changed. Only thing I can think of is I got her out of habit of eating own crap. Going to play around with diet a bit I think. Any suggestions?
  8. Dogs Coat

    Terriers coat is not what it used to be. I'm guessing it's due to diet as she's still relatively young. When i got her it was in a state, then it tightened up and looked really good. Its more wiry now and seems to stick out everywhere instead of being tight. Picked up some cod liver oil + Vit A&D capsules today. Also picked up some omega 3 fish oil as i'd heard this was a better oil for the coat. Any advice on which to use. The capsules are both 1000mg. CLO Vit A & D capsules - 251mg cod liver oil, 249mg fish body oil, rest is vit A & D Omega 3 capsules - 1000mg Fish body oil.
  9. ha! Went last year. Good craic. Earlier this year
  10. Pups

    Mines got 2 in 1 week. U think the heavy winds has knackered them out?
  11. Pups

  12. Day Trip To London

    Watch that doc I'd want 150k not 150 quid!
  13. Day Trip To London

    Didn't watch the doc about the drug test which went wrong then?! Wouldn't catch me being some lab rat after watching that
  14. Crows

    One flying about damaged today. Needless to say was taken care of!
  15. Concrete Business?

    Seen how much they go for?!