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  1. Down to the dog ....

    Nice going Rich , i see your still managing to struggle out and about..
  2. My Bedlington Terrier finds lost Deer and has never been trained to do it.
  3. Another One Cured ...

    Nice one Rich
  4. Yes the Buck was lean but good fat inside been Rutting hard I reckon
  5. Rich they are absolutely covered in ticks of all sizes
  6. Just had a walk about for an hour or 2 on the Fallow Bucks and Prickets yesterday morning, the weather was really warm and dry and it was nice to get out we ended up with 2 each good result , it could have been more as there were Bucks grunting all over the place but they stayed in the woods and their grunts were echoing right down the valley and thats where the big boys stayed.
  7. This One Needed Going .

    Had one like that last year Rich..
  8. Black Fallow Buck

    The same as we have down this part of the world this one was culled in Devon Sunday morning.
  9. Two More Came Running To The Buttalo

    No Tim only pic i bothered with you know me not interested in Trophy heads it went on to the man who makes a few walking sticks..
  10. Two More Came Running To The Buttalo

    :laugh: :laugh: full of excuses
  11. Two More Came Running To The Buttalo

    Well Rich i know how elusive the Sussex Fallow are but then most comes down to Skill lol, oh by the way we did have these 2 not so elusive Fallow first day of the season aswell as the 5 Roe Bucks last week. .
  12. Yesterday i was up early as i was booked in on a Tope fishing competition but after a hard day rocking about on not such a pleasant trip we all ended up empty handed not a Tope came on board, i was just getting off the boat at 5.00 pm when i got a call from my mate asking me if i would take him stalking later on that evening i told him i was tired but i would ring him when i got home.At home i sorted my dog and bits out and told my mate if he was at mine by 6.30 pm i would go out for an hour or so, he was on time and we drove 3/4 miles from home where he parked up under a thick hedge i gave 3 squeaks on the Buttalo and a Roe Buck came charging out of the wood and with in 3 minutes of getting in the field we had grassed a Buck from only 40 yards.After Gralloching the animal we drove 200 yards across the field and parked up just on the outskirts of another wood, 5 minutes on the call and a Doe came up the slope towards us within 20 feet we were still in the Truck and just kept watching her as she carried on feeding not bothered by our presents at all,i gave a few more squeaks and she just lifted her head winded the air and stayed put but right at the bottom of the field way down the slope a pair of antlers appeared over the top of some long grass another Buck was coming to the call. The Doe we had been watching spotted him and turned to face him as the same he came at a fair pace towards her he stopped so i called again and he was on a mission to come to the squeaking i shouted and stopped him about 65 yards from us and in a second my mate had grassed a second Buck the Doe ran over to him as he was just kicking on the ground and as we walked to pick him up she just walked down the field and back in the woods.It was worth going out last evening as in one and a half hours we had called grassed and gralloched 2 Bucks and i was home again having a welcome cuppa not a bad ending to the day .Both were very poor heads and the right ones to cull..
  13. Gold Medal Called

    I think as you get older Tim that seems to happen , i sit and just watch wild life may be different if my Rifles get returned but i think it is just nice to see what is out there doing their own thing might even go into photography ..
  14. Gold Medal Called

    Do you know Tim since i lost my tickets i now get pleasure taking others out and trying to help them do the job .I find it more rewarding and more demanding trying to get others on to a cull animal its a good feeling when it all comes together..Here's 2 Bucks i called for a chap this week..
  15. Gold Medal Called

    Nice Buck George :thumbs: