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    hunting pure and simple done it all my life hunting shooting and fishing but plenty of diggin

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  1. chuck a couple of ferrets in there then wait for the fun
  2. Bedlington terrier

    catch some rats up in live traps get them on them , were your beddys from good working stuff?
  3. Knife and gun crime

    id say the answer is mobilise the thl airgun massive to go into london and cull anything not white british this should keep them busy for a few days
  4. Is this legit ?

    iam thinking of making one of those bins but for guns , be very interesting to see what you got in it
  5. Knife and gun crime

    londons not a devoloping place its been taken over by the scum of the world thats why and it led by a terrorist sympathiser in khan
  6. Knife and gun crime

    the biggest problem you have with this is modern society glorifies all this with xbox and other computer games it rammed down the throats of the young ,from day one they grow up thinking it normal IMO all these games showed be banned and if some young lad has an interest in guns etc then find a mentor and teach them properly they are not play things and until someone in power grows some ball s and takes step to rectify the problem it will get worse
  7. JBluck dirt

    the best thing jb could do is fall under a bus and make his departure permanent, heyho wishful thoughts
  8. New Artifical

    we always dug heart shaped earths with a bed in the V of the heart with plenty of sand in the base these always worked well
  9. line breeding?

    you put the best of the best together and hope for the best , you can edge your bets as much as you like but somewhere along the line there will be some dross you can have the best dog in the world dosn t mean he s a good producer
  10. Hungry

    cushty you skinny little woose ive told you before you need worming atb top
  11. Working cairn terrier

    farmer up the road has one mustard on rats and has had the odd fox in the bales
  12. THL Big Bore Safari?

    gods sake dont let the airgun lot see this i can see them packing already 10,000 177 bisley magnums should sort them
  13. Terrier mistakes

    there not machines mate there just as prone to a f**k up as we are ive a mate with a little lakie [ fox only] it goes in rattles them around for 10-15 mins and comes out and sits 4 yards away from the earth now he loves that dog and i can see its a handy little mutt but its not my cup of tea and i wouldnt keep it but he s in hunt service and it suits him just fine
  14. Summer time

    dog get walked /run around the field everyday and some ratting is the bonus will get out on any problem s ie early morning dig etc but keep the mutts entertained is the order of the day
  15. eBay

    a fore runner for the land rover and they have only got worse as time goes on