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    hunting pure and simple done it all my life hunting shooting and fishing but plenty of diggin

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  1. Anyone for sushi ?

    its nothing new eating sushi or very blue steak is a well known way of getting worms
  2. land rover defender 70th edition

    its a land rover so will breakdown every week without fail for that money i hope it come with lifetime AA recovery
  3. Sickness bug

    a spoonful of garlic and honey every morning on an empty stomach will sort you out
  4. Sugar high

    better still one bottle of water add a good dose of jiff lemon and a spoonfull of honey shake well better than all that co2 rubbish
  5. Meloxicam

    phil in the meantime wrap the foot in parsley and put a bag or cling film on it , parsley is a natural anti- inflammatory and antibiotic
  6. Desert bred

    DD iam glad you were paying attention when they showed you how to make the explosive vest up now you live for another day , I was worried you d fcked it up and were serving 70 virgins or just re decorated the front room with claret
  7. whos working lakeys this season?

    this one coming on hes got the idea now , bit on the big side but he s got the minerals
  8. caucasian shepherd bitch

    if my mrs fcks off like she keeps saying i l have her here,
  9. New Season In France

    cheeky little twat hows tricks mate
  10. New Season In France

    as a rule of thumb 4 foot depth then 4 foot square 6 foot deep 6 foot square thats the way we have always done it iam a big ol lump so i need room to move
  11. how many on here

    JJm ive been in the same boat and ive put all my property s into a trust then the will is split between the 2 step kids and the grand kids my daughter gets nothing not that she should ever need it shes 27 and a partner in a firm of solicitor s on 100k + and flying another year and she should have her QC , i had to write a separate letter to say why she wasnt in the will it can be done but make sure you do it right then theres no arguments
  12. Sad muppets on facebook

    i spent so long in facebook jail they banned all my accounts , they just don t like the truth so fckum
  13. Merry xmas

    wishing you all a happy xmas atb top
  14. Acid Attacks

    any fckers playing around with acid needs to be bathed in it very slowly so they get the full effects if this happens to half a dozon the rest will think twice about it
  15. Bedlingtons

    DAz ive no problem listening to other folks mistakes it saves me making the same mistakes ive never said i know it all i just keep my head down and do my own thing and i agree ive dug more in a season than these so called experts done in a lifetime , theres an old saying -- look listen and believe less than half of what they say just tread your own path