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  1. Brexit Impact.

    i deal with lot s of company s and all are reporting to be flat out busy busy so our economy must be doing ok and leaving the eu has got to be a good thing the biggest problem is getting staff to do the work
  2. Choked On Collar.

    gutted for you Liam always the good one , RIP little fella
  3. Beddy Bitch Pup

    bedy men are busy out working there dogs , Navek all your black dog have bedy in them it was the making f them
  4. Shaun Neal Aka Nelly Off Here Died

    RIP Nelly lad
  5. Bca Tracker

    hi pab s dirt as never been to much hassle i blow mine out with an airline but a wipe of is all it usually gets , it done me well and for what it cost i cant complain id deffo have another
  6. Working Bedlington Terrier

    but what do you call work ie a bushing dog or an earth dog ?
  7. Bca Tracker

    pab s the only trouble ive know with then is the spring bits on the battery holders pop out but it no big deal we just soldered them in
  8. Bca Tracker

    we use the trakker alot and don t get no trouble with it sometimes the depth is a bit out but its always spot on the dog for the money its a good bit of kit mines about 5 years old now so its well weathered and still doing the job ok
  9. Diatomaceous Earth

    its good stuff and does what it says kills mite and fleas and mixed with food can be used as a wormer
  10. The End Is Nigh

    it would probably put some brains into the pat but not something id advocate
  11. hardly scatched the surface id say shame they didnt show some of the working dog owners they have shafted over time , they are scum and god help us if they ever get powers
  12. Rspca

    i watched t​hat shit dog rescue last night some lad got grassed up for hitting his gsd so arspca go around with the cops and the fool let them in the arspca women say iam taking the dog and the bloke say i NO your not so copper steps in and seizes the dog they put it in the van and take it to the vet who gives it a clean bill of health so why didn t they take the dog back no they take it and rehome it if the lad saw it he should be sueing them the vet said there was nowt wrong with the dog so he should have had it back end off
  13. What A Wee Shame.

    iam glad karma is catching up with her shes quick enough to dish the shit out , with any luck she ll top herself
  14. Bedlington Cross Staff ?

    why , why would you put something so alien into a bedlington , beddys have flat rib cages so they can get into tight place were as staffys have round barrel chests and have nothing in common with a bedlington cant see the point as ive said before if your dogs any good it doesn t need bull in it
  15. Strangest Things

    you got one bit wrong the dog belongs to a lad with a bodyshop and was kept on the land who sells the logs all good freinds of mine , you couldn t make this shit up lol