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    Pigeon, fox, rabbit,and wildfowling shooting. Ferritting, long-netting, working terriers, 3 labradors and cocker spaniel. Going out hunting with dogs since 7 years of age (now 54!)listening to raymond1 crapping hisself
    while talking to me about happenings past and present.lol

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  1. leslie harold gedge

    A brute

    very nice matt
  2. leslie harold gedge

    A Bad Weekend For Steve

    we have a shooter I wont mention names but he knows I mean him lol steve will be chewing his cheeks .we all miss now and then but not that much lol
  3. leslie harold gedge

    First Roe Buck For Richard.

    very nice first buck
  4. leslie harold gedge

    Buck opener

    some good eating buddy
  5. leslie harold gedge

    2 second 1 of the 3 sisters

    stavross have you tried getting a drink out of a farmer tighter than a ducks arse in water.lol
  6. leslie harold gedge

    2 second 1 of the 3 sisters

    still 1 to go jjm but farmer already happy
  7. leslie harold gedge

    2 second 1 of the 3 sisters

    I got another of the silver fox sisters .that's the second 1 down .I think they must be baron as none of them in cub1 more and my farmer will be well happy.
  8. leslie harold gedge

    4.30 this morning

    I had a phone call from 1 of my farmers to say he had seen 3 vixens look like sisters eating a dead sheep could I see to it . I got there for 4.00am just after 4.30 1 of them came walking down the field I shot it when it stopped at about 140 yards a nasty hole on the exit side .it dropped on the spot
  9. leslie harold gedge

    Another brace

    well done buddy 2 lovely bucks
  10. leslie harold gedge

    Field was blue with pigeon ..

    that's the trouble with farmers they see 10 and tell you they have seen a 1000.you will start getting good numbers soon sussex
  11. leslie harold gedge

    me and gary

    another picture
  12. leslie harold gedge

    me and gary

    I took a life long mate pigeon shooting today we got 14 pigeons 4 magpies 1 jackdaw and a great laugh slagging each other.i,am showing gary how to go on with the pigeons shooting decoying .he has been a rabbiting man for over 40 years .he has a lot of his own land with rabbits pigeons ducks geese and all the vermin .he is learning fast
  13. leslie harold gedge

    me and paul

    same here sussex loads when farmer phone day before nothing when we got their .
  14. leslie harold gedge

    me and paul

    me and paul had a couple of hours trying to find some pigeons finished with a few corvids and a couple of ferals
  15. leslie harold gedge

    me and gary mitchell

    she has just started but doing well .not bothered about the gun