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    Pigeon, fox, rabbit,and wildfowling shooting. Ferritting, long-netting, working terriers, 3 labradors and cocker spaniel. Going out hunting with dogs since 7 years of age (now 54!)listening to raymond1 crapping hisself
    while talking to me about happenings past and present.lol

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  1. some foxes we had

    just some of the foxes we have had .will be starting shooting them has soon has the land drys up again using the 223 or 243
  2. a few birds

    yes remember your dad kicking shit out of you .when he was trying to make you a brother and he knee was going through a big hole where you got your iron from lol
  3. please be carful

    just got this off facebook poisoning our dogs if you have made enemies with neighbours you could get your dogs poisoned putting tacks in food not funny .
  4. some of the deer we have had

    just some of the deer we have had
  5. a few birds

    a few birds from a day out .I cant remember if we shot these on our land just found picture
  6. Took a mate out

    just been to have a look around some farms and still 100s of geese about .seem to be getting better every year come on sept lol
  7. 42 ferals

    once did 9 with 2 shots on the ferals buddy even the ferals are getting wise around here
  8. shot these from behind 1 of the barns

    plenty of corvids down at the farmers that pulled us out buddy
  9. 42 ferals

    i will drop you some off tomoro big napper
  10. 42 ferals

    I got 42 ferals late today shitting over everything in the barns
  11. 5 doves 3 corvids keeping my eye in
  12. shot these behind 1 of the barns

    shot these from behide 1 of the barns this morning
  13. i will be keeping a eye out

    cant get a number if their is no number to get no make of car no colour .its lies
  14. just call me archie ?

    still cant think of 3 mates that call you archie coates lol you been shooting pigeons 4 years yet lol
  15. easy perms

    i.am taking a pal owt round York to get him some perms .where real shooters can shoot birds not them that name drop like robbin hood archie coats crap