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  1. Indian runner ducks

    No mate epic fail unfortunately, I followed the instructions with the incubator for waterfowl to the letter but I'm thinking humidity problems. I'll try again in the spring probably.
  2. Indian runner ducks

    Cheers mate, there's a few eggs developing so I'm hoping they make it, had 1 die at 9 days not to sure why.
  3. Indian runner ducks

    Some good tips in this thread thanks. I've got some runner duck eggs, i know its late in the season and fertility apparently will be somewhere between low and non existent but I thought I'd take a chance. Got 8 in the incubator and another 6 coming. If I get a pair out of them I'll be very happy, if not I'll have another go in the spring.
  4. Indian runner ducks

    Yeah didn't think of the length of their necks, i have a couple of fenn in tunnels which they could probably get into. I'll make some extra long tunnels when I get them just to be safe.
  5. Indian runner ducks

    No it's never that dry here, I've got slab stepping stones in my garden just so I dont make a muddy track. I like the feeder idea only dropping a small amount of food, there are a few rats about so I'll have to keep a few traps out permanently when I get the ducks, i have quail but they're raised off the ground so not had any problem with the rats getting at them.
  6. Indian runner ducks

    Sounds a good idea, I've got a ditch running a few feet from my back garden maybe I can pipe it into there.
  7. Indian runner ducks

    Looks bone dry, like the feeder. Looks like I've missed the boat on eggs this year but I'm told fertility should pick back up around February. Or I could try to pick up a pair of young birds somewhere.
  8. Indian runner ducks

    Yeah I'm thinking when we have a couple of days rain might be the problem, I'd imagine thats when theyl start wrecking the lawn.
  9. Indian runner ducks

    I have a nice size garden, it's about 45 metres long 15 wide so I was hoping with a largish area they wouldn't completely destroy the grass. I'm going to buy a dozen eggs online if I hatch a few ill sell some and keep a pair to start. I'm glad they stand up to cats the neighbours have a couple. Was thinking about getting a big paddling pool fitting a plug and digging a big soakaway underneath so it can be drained and cleaned easily.
  10. Indian runner ducks

    I've heard up to 200 eggs a year for runners.
  11. Indian runner ducks

    Yeah i did consider that but I really want to let them range over the garden. I dont think muscovies lay much either?
  12. Indian runner ducks

    Thanks everyone sounds worth a try then. Greg I did look at muscovy but they seem hard to contain in a garden to me.
  13. Indian runner ducks

    How much noise do they make? I have a road that runs down the side of my garden with a couple of bungalows the closest being about 15 metres away, are they likely to be disturbed by them at this distance? Was thinking of keeping about 6. Thanks
  14. Natural Fork Questions.

    Got a walnut fork and another hazel near done, the gap between the forks is close to the same size so I'm hoping theyl shoot the same as the hawthorn. Back on the subject of sticks I have a blackthorn just outside my garden which should give me 2 possibly 3 sticks without hurting the tree to much, 1 of them has a kind of ready made handle on it. Only trouble with it is I hear it needs seasoning for 2 years minimum.
  15. Natural Fork Questions.

    Cheers mate yeah thought I'd make a few sticks, dont want to buy off eBay as im really enjoying wandering the woods looking for forks and sticks. Catapult looks good, the one I just made I gave a few wipes over with raw linseed oil but it didn't give it the effect I was hoping for so I finished with a polyurethane spray, looks good but I'm not keen on the plastic feel. Now I just need to practice my shooting.. Found the fork a little bit big so just trimmed it down an inch or so and finished with a coat of clear lacquer once I was happy, also one fork was a few mill longer than tother so got them level, this makes a big difference to accuracy as the bands need to lay perfectly in line and ideally you should,nt be able to see the bottom band when you fire as it sits dead inline with the top one, ( I shoot on the side) also I put a 4mm hole through the fork in the groove so I can use looped tubes as well on my natty,s you can just see it through the wrap, cheersAre looped tubes the dankung tubes? Do they compete with theraband gold?I'm working on a hawthorn fork atm, it's got some interesting markings on it so should turn out nice. I buy Chinese latex tube from eBay in 1.7mm x4.5 mm the small number is the size of the hole in the middle the big one is the outside its the same as 1745 from dan cun but much cheaper I find it simular to tbg and you can adjust the ammo size and power by making bigger or smaller loops here are three ways I band up my natty,s the left one has splits in the fork for ttf middle one is looped tube with full length loop fires 12mm leads and hits hard last is an ott with the groove round the top I normally just do a groove and a 4mm hole through the fork in the groove as I have a few ttf forks in metal The tubes sound good, i was under the impression that they weren't very powerful. Finished my hawthorn catty the other day came out nice. Had a crack at hunting and had a very near miss on a squirrel and a wood pigeon, more practice needed I think. I have a nice walnut fork to work on next.