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  1. Thanks to Blackwood Outdoors!

    Same here and I bought the same thing you will enjoy it mate
  2. Free Masons

    So if any of you lot got an invitation to join the Freemasons, even if you thought it was a load of shite, BUT, it might shield you from a bit of the law? Including running your dog, or perhaps get you some permission on some pretty good land, maybe an estate or two? You no, make the connections youd say no? I no they raise a lot for charity and fair play. I have been asked twice to join but I could hardly feed myself at the time Lol from what I can gather, it’s all about charity, if a few lads look after each other, so what?
  3. The internet and hunting

    My buttons bigger than yours lol 😂
  4. The allotment

    Happy Christmas Jok and a prosperous new year to you pal. Now, what should I be doing/planting at this time to be able to reciprocate your gifts next year? It be a struggle right at this moment tho lol atb mate
  5. My new double is brilliant.

    That’s the sort of day I enjoy most! Just a mooch about with the dog and gun. Looks like you and dog both enjoyed yourselves so well done u 👍
  6. Couple of rib eyes

    I love beef! It’s my favourite meat and that ribeye looks spot on! Stilton chips? You got my brain whirring and my mouth watering? Please tell
  7. Contingency Plans

    Got a generator I can plug straight in to the house if the electrics gonna be off for any length of time and decent supply of wood and coal. The later of which I had to dig in to recently when we somehow used 750ltrs of kerosene in 1 month! 4 days till we could get a delivery -8 outside and £411 out of pocket a week before Christmas!
  8. lost car keys

    Go on, where were they?
  9. Terrorist Dentist

    You ever used your ball bearing for fishing? I suppose if they were lead you could drill them and use them for weights when lure fishing but it’s easier to cast your own or just buy them?
  10. Wildlife control canine.

    I’ve got a dog that tear arses about chasing wildlife? Wonder if there’s any jobs going lol 😂
  11. World's Oldest Shark Identified ?

    Gets you high apparently!!! Anybody fancy a fishing trip? https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/ywz8eg/my-hunt-for-the-400-year-old-shark-whose-flesh-gets-you-high
  12. Terrorist Dentist

    He was arrested after buying 500 ball bearings off the internet, said he was a keen fisherman and researching catapult hunting? Lol I’ve been a keen fisherman all my life and I’ve never needed steel ballbearings? Never mind 500 of them! And researching hunting with a catapult? Do you buy pellets before your air gun?
  13. Porn. WTF?

    Just type “Sarah Jane porn” in to google and it comes up with some of her vids on pornhub lol 😂
  14. Porn. WTF?

    Lass I went out with in school (for a week lol) she started appearing in nuts/zoo etc and then a mate showed me a video a few months ago lol she’s a chubby pornstar now lol 😂 not pretty either! She used to be slim and pretty fit in a geeky way but not any more!

    I love pickled eggs! Haven’t done any for a few years but I’ll be back to it soon enough