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  1. Best ducks to breed for meat

    I ordered 1kg gelcoat but needed about 5! You will know there's about a 24hr window to put your glass on apparently after the gelcoat? I didn't lol but with the mold waxed I went for it anyway. 1 layer of e-glass and 2 layers of 600gm csm. I still have some resin and glass left but was thinking a pond this time and try the boat again when I order enough gelcoat! Lol I could put some stiffners in now and strengthen the transom but I'll see if I can get it out the mold first lol 😂
  2. Best ducks to breed for meat

    That's my first attempt at a boat but I didn't order enough gelcoat or resin lol it's got 3 layers of glass but I don't think it's strong enough for a boat! But I reckon it could keep a few ducks happy 😊 lesson learned for the next one
  3. Best ducks to breed for meat

    Just made myself a pond liner! Lol 😝
  4. Honey badger x

    Blame jok lol! you've gotta be quick with that fert
  5. Best ducks to breed for meat

    Sorry to jump on your thread Aussie whip, but do muscovies or alesburys actually need a pond? Or what can I get away with lol 😂 a pond is in the plans but not quite yet, can I have DUCKS or do they really need water?
  6. If This Is True,,what Have Peope Turned Into

    They should not be allowed to walk the earth 😔 Truly horrific
  7. We Got The Caravan!!

    Goal achieved Kev! Well done to you and all involved, you've put a lot of effort into a great cause and I take my hat off to you all. So what's next? A second caravan? A chalet? Atb whatever it is mate
  8. Vic Granger Print

    would you consider posting mate if I paid the postage? Cheers
  9. Mitsubishi L200

    No worries
  10. I agree! I've just started making a few knifes after building my forge. I'm still getting the hang of it tho lol
  11. Mitsubishi L200

    I did pm you mate? Has this gone?
  12. Mountfield 1228H Rider Mower

    where you at mate?
  13. Back..

    congrats on the early release
  14. Bought Not Built

    Is that a small burger or have you got really big hands? Still, no salad, a man after my own heart