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  1. Wheaten Bull grey

  2. Wheaten Bull grey

    The n/a sign under the date he was a member they just haven’t put fone number up he's a Wheaton greyhound x bull greyhound. He around 9months old, stands roughly at 26 inches to shoulder at moment, excellent around other dogs & children, he's rough haired, lives outdoors. microchipped and inoculated up to date and comes with paperwork, he's never been worked yet, only selling as needs a more active home, if seriously interested then ring for details or viewing, no time wasters
  3. Wheaten Bull grey

    Only says fone number not available email only
  4. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    How's it bred?
  5. Crypto currencies

    I have someone there shopping now I’ll send you some links next day or 2 try and buy them here you’ll see the mark up
  6. Crypto currencies

    Antminer S9 by bitmain better than growing either get them home double you’re money or mine with them can’t lose
  7. Crypto currencies

    Get that over to China get a few s9 you be refilling that bag every month
  8. Crypto currencies

    What coins that mushroom only one I know that does that is token pay it’s still an ico not on live markets yet
  9. Crypto currencies

    You can cash out at any minute of any day straight into you’re bank
  10. Crypto currencies

    What happens if it doesn’t end you’re ordinary rope will be just that
  11. Crypto currencies

    There’s a few quid to be made in it look at ripple coin if you’d of bought 1k worth January 1 2017 you’d have 550k today am up on my coins not cashing them either recon it will go a lot higher this year with more people getting in to it only invest what you can afford to lose
  12. What the fuuck is going on with the forum

    I thought iPad was broke last few days wtf happend
  13. Perks For Mods

    Bit out of order that like some poor c**t will get filled in for a bit of internet banter
  14. Perks For Mods

    We can even tell what room of the house you're in via the camera on your laptop. Hahaha
  15. Warning

    his best mate spued the terriers because of him I bet his own dogs don't like him I reckon he's turned a few tarts lesbo haha