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  1. New shotgun stock Fitting crafting

    Does anyone know of someone who custom builds stocks I want to upgrade the wood on my gun and seen some beautiful blanks on eBay but don't know we're to start when it comes to fitting and shaping. Can anyone shine some light on it cheers kev
  2. H Is For Hawk Bbc 2

    brilliant show really enjoyed it not a falconer but interesting and good to promote the sport tab kev
  3. Wanted Game Days

    Me and a friend are looking for some more shooting for this season if any one on here has any available or knows of any places free would be very great full Yorkshire area willing to travel
  4. Lakeland X

    Ye he is coming to see him in the week busy as hell lambing at minute not got a lot of time on are hands cheers
  5. Lakeland X

    sorry for the late pictures been busy with work many thanks kev
  6. Lakeland X

    I have a 18 month old Lakeland x Lakeland x Wheaton this was pick of litter off my Lakeland dog i have reduced my digging commitments due to lack of time and no fault of his own he is a powerful dog and knows his job he has been dug to last season half a dozen times and was at his quarry everytime he has a soft broken coat that takes some maintaining so I have shaved him as he is a big dog with jacket on I will send pictures over shortly £300 Doncaster
  7. Promising Gordon Setter!

    Beautiful dog mate
  8. Pointers

    Does anyone know of any good line or litters dew in the near future
  9. Update On Drahthaar .

    Cracking bitch al be having a hpr in my kennels soon enough
  10. Pointers

    Now I ask this question hope I don't sound stupid but I like the look of both short haired and wired haired pointers is that the only difference between them or are there temperaments and hunting abilities different. My friend does a lot with his dog and the muscle and figure looks amazing I think that's what draws me more towards the short haired
  11. Pointers

    I have a shoot with a large plantation it's a haven for woodcock and a gun came and asked if him and a few friends could work there hprs on them after seeing them work I was hooked I invited the gun (who is now a friend ) to come with his dog on a day with my terriers we jumped on quad only to find his dog on point 40m from the set to a dog fox sat tight between 2 felled logs I was amazed how versatile they are
  12. Pointers

    I have emailed him will let you know how I get on cheers
  13. Pointers

    What would it cost to send them over are dogs allowed to brought over by plane just looked on the web site he has some gsp on at the minute
  14. Pointers

    How does all the shipping work I am looking for a gsp and have been for a while not one to jump in but it's got to a stage we're if I don't buy some time soon am never going to
  15. Wildfowling Clubs

    Is any one on hear a member of kirksandle or Thorne wildfowlers clubs am in between both clubs and was wondering were to get more information from Many thanks kev