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  1. Dog kennel render

    Scud,scratch, finish coat ....not much more you can do
  2. Concrete Slab

    Looks well,keep us posted on finished job
  3. Sand ,dos and donts

    When terrier is out of the sand clean the eyes out soon as possible and clean thoroughly making sure all sand is gone,can destroy a dogs eyes
  4. How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    Out yesterday,had old Russell off walking to earth and bolts fox from cover,entered old Russell Jim into rangey spot and within seconds was on,plenty of movement couldn't bottle the fox after 30 min's fox bolts and gone over hill,Jim follows straight after none the worse,starting to show his age now will be using him sparingly this season and will definitely be his last. Put collar on mates bitch again travelling well within 15 mins could hear her baying away,gave her 30 mins and no movement 2.4 was the reading on box .got down after 1hour to bitch with fox,it was very warm yesterday sun splitting the trees and dogs done well,good to see the foxes in numbers Good day had

    Mother on end son and daughter 7 month old
  6. Bull Russell's

    How quickly time goes .bitch a year old,now 6 year old. Hopefully few more seasons in her yet..mother small Russell and black dog father pattxstaff big strong dog
  7. Glass Balustrade Supplier?

    Did you get sorted antg,most joiners fitters will do it for you and take the templates to glazier.10.5ml laminate glass is the safest to use. Most recent job ready for glass.. Walnut posts and hand/base rail,glass will fit into grooves in hand base posts with spindel in middle
  8. Glass Balustrade Supplier?

    There becoming more popular these days fit them a lot these days .not recommended with young kids hand prints all over
  9. text wrote master magrath in front of Bob at the browster
  10. Grab Adhesive

    Tech 7 great stuff
  11. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Ye pete from pup about 5 now
  12. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Same bitch after a trim
  13. Strengthen Loft Floor

    good job and advice dd, you a joiner yourself?[/quot Ye len time served carpenter,working mainly converting attics at the moment. Few recent jobs there to give an idea of how they work,very easily doable.
  14. Night Out Shooting Cubs...

    Nice pics,fair sized vixen from pic