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  1. Nice day for shooting

    Nice looking rapid there. What spec is it out of interest? e.g. .22? FAC?
  2. z lang cartridges

    They are a target round i.e not hollow points. They are a .22 LR case. I had a bit of trouble feeding them in my Annie but they work flawlessly in my Sako Varmint 2. They do about 40ft pounds energy wise. Lovely round for squirrel, feral pigeon and ratty in certain circumstances.
  3. Hey, I can still shoot a rifle!

    Class UD , well done.
  4. air arms pro sport in 22

    The stock looks like beech as opposed to walnut ?
  5. Cheers Phil, Does more than 25 more like eighty but when the gun was crono'd the best 25 only varied by 18fps so i tend to get the gun in this curve when shooting vermin.
  6. Mine does a smidgen over 45ft lbs at 890 fps. I can get 25 really consistent shots out of it. Best ammo for this gun is JSB Exact 25.39g Worth thinking about getting a scope which is parallax adjustable - works for me! One downside is it's a heavy set up!
  7. Never Underestimate.....

    If you're looking for a .22LR with a bit more zip it's worth trying the RWS HV HP. The data says they do about 142ftlb at the muzzle. I've found them to be the most accurate HV round out there.
  8. Never Underestimate.....

    Good shooting UD.
  9. Can't Decide On A Fox Calibre

    Think about whether you are going to reload or not. I use a Tikka T3 in .204 ruger with hornady superformance 32g v-max. Great foxing combo IMO.
  10. Shredded Wheat For Breakfast....

    Nice work. Good job trimming out those maggies.
  11. Not Another 22 Hornet Thread?!

    Looks very pretty, but it's old hat. Depends what you want to shoot with it though.
  12. Rabbit Harvesting - 22Lr

    The .204 ruger is a brilliant pest round with a 32g Hornady Superformace. Cartridge (Wb + type) V/E @ Muzzle V/E V/E @ 100 yds V/E @ 200 yds V/E @ 300 yds .204 Ruger (32 VMX) 4225/1268 3632/937 3114/689 2652/500 .22 Hornet (45 HP) 2690/723 2042/417 1502/225 1128/127 .223 Rem. (50 AT) 3300/1209 2889/927 2514/701 2168/522
  13. Dog Fox - 22Lr

    Nice shot. Perfect placement! '
  14. Rifles For Shooting Seals

    There are seals and there are seals. A bit like comparing deer. Red Stags weighing 30 stone or tiny muntjac. Maybe you would be better off getting some advice from a pro pest controller with relevant experience?
  15. Which .17 Hmr?

    How about two and a half grand for one of these beauties from Anschutz. Model 1727F See the Shooting Times review on this link: http://jga.anschuetz-sport.com/index.php5?produktID=808&menu=109&sprache=1&produktShow=detail