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  1. Weather forecast is looking choppy again so gave my new place one more visit to show willing. I’ve got designated times when I can shoot but have a quick drive round the estate beforehand just to be on the safe side in case staff are still on site. I saw a few cull bucks about on the place, some of which were clean, and also this fella who seemed happy to watch me as a drive past. The wind was freshening so I used it to work towards a likely spot and suddenly noticed a doe was staring at me in a small clearing. She was only 50m away and as I was caught on the hop reckoned trying to get on the sticks would be a movement too far. Freedhand I carefully put the bead over her back and, as I released my breath, let the crosshairs drift behind her shoulder and fired. She registered the hit and hopped out of sight. Good sign at the strike spot but none the less a dog wouldn’t go amiss. Fortunately there was plenty of light left and the follow up wasn’t too difficult and she collapsed behind a tree.
  2. That’ll do for the does

    I hope they do Rich. It turns out there’s another stalker with permission there but has only been a couple of times and only taken big bucks. They haven’t seen him at all over the doe season so got me in for some more active management to get the numbers down. I’m still trying to get in touch with him to work it all out. Id like a dog redneck but have too much on my plate at the minute... maybe next year!
  3. I had a email out the blue the other day asking if I would be prepared to help out with the deer management on the estate 5 mins from my house. I thought it was a wind-up at first as it seemed too good to be true. Anyway, I replied to the person who turned out to be the head forrester and from there the farm manager. They're obviously taking things seriously over there and the deer are hammering the new hedges and natural re-gen they’re trying to encourage. The Forrester was pulling his hair out but I was finding it hard not to grin as we drove round... seeing 4 roe in the process. Risk assessment, indemnity insurance, gralloch site - the whole 9 yards. Anyway, I hadn’t heard back so called them for an update and I was invited over this evening to get started👍 It was cold, windy and the evenings are still quite short so I wasn’t holding out too much hope and decided to drive round the 200 acres of deciduous woodland to re-familiarise with what was where... more of a recon session than anything. A doe and a buck were right where the Forrester had told me to keep an eye on and fortunately the doe was obliging enough to walk to a safe area where I could head shoot her off the wing mirror at around 60m. She was in the back of the truck minutes later and off the the gralloch site. The estate is delighted with the good start... I’m off to buy a Lottery ticket as It must be my lucky day!
  4. Saturday dawn was Baltic cold but looked to be best of the weekend. Managed to tag a roe doe as she emerged from some nice thick rhododendrons. That’s four in four trips here but the woodland stalking takes some getting used to, it’s all pretty close stuff and I’m not getting many chances to get a second shot away before they disappear into cover. Passing the owners chicken coup on the way to the gralloch site I disturbed a fox who ran up a the side of a steep quarry. The cover was really thick and I only just managed to track him in the bins. Lucky for me he stopped in a small opening against a some rocks.. unlucky for him he took the 6.5 in the chest. Absolute bugger of a job climbing up to find him and confirm things but you can’t just assume it’s dead.
  5. Before the snow... doe

    I’m going to be scratching all night - check out the number of less on the bloody thing... and this is just its arse!
  6. Before the snow... doe

    They seem to be Rich... you only get one chance to make a good first impression! Finding bucks in all that cover could be another story though so I’ll bank the brownie points now!
  7. Snow doe

    You did me a favour there bud, scrappy little things weren’t they. Suprised they made it through the winter. I’ll be the pair together don’t make 25lb.
  8. Black-Opp

    I was grounded😁
  9. Black-Opp

    With a house extension that running out of control and more bloody filling, sanding and painting than I know where to start with the Mrs is a little unsympathetic about me nipping out for a quick stalk! Fortunately the secure parking under my office building let’s me make best use of a nifty little feature of my rifle. 17:00 - leave the office. 17:20 - arrive at the ground and unpack the briefcase. 17:30 - use it 18:00 - arrive home, a little later than usual, after another busy day😁. This doe was in prime condition and fat as butter. She was also carrying twins, yet another reminder of why, if circumstances were different, I’d prefer to more selective. Still, some damn good eating here.
  10. Black-Opp

    This is a 6.5x55. I like the caliber but leave it made up on the safe. The take-down feature wasn’t the selling point as I was sceptical about it retaining zero but it does just that and sweet Jesus is it sweet to shoot.
  11. New ground, good start.

    They do move when he see a vehicle and to be honest it doesn’t have to be too far for them to put some vegetation between you and them and watch you through it. This one obviously forgot about that bit and paid the price. I neither like shooting from vehicles or through cover so it doesn’t look like I’ll be using this tactic too often.
  12. Out again yesterday to cement interest in a new bit ground and let the owners know I mean business. On the way up the drive a solitary doe was sunning herself under a tree. Apparently she was there most days and, being both without any followers of her own and a daily ‘in your face’ example of the hedge munching problem they were having she ticked all the cull plan boxes. Crap pic but with a little imagination you can see her couched in the center. At 130m she was in her feet as soon as I was out the truck. I decided on a bipod shot but had to account for the electric fencing. It was too high to hop over and the lowest strand was inconvenient so I had to be careful not to break it with the shot. I got down against the fence and after pressing the Harris into the earth to give me the right height steadied for the shot, safety off. Bang.... no, not the shot... the bloody moderator had touched the fencing wire and a belt of electricity had gone right up through my trigger finger! Taking a moment to compose myself and re-bed the rifle a little lower in the ground and the deer was now around 150m away against the hedgerow. Aiming shade higher on the shoulder she hopped at the strike and made ground into the wood. The connection sounded good so I went to the strike spot and followed up, finding her a short way into the wood. The TTSX heads I’m home loading are supposed to retain their weight and do less carcass damage but the exit hole in this girl was something else. Haven’t weighed her yet but she’s a good size.
  13. That’ll break your concentration!

    Certainly did! Lucky the gun didn’t go off to be honest. Yes, the 6.5 with 120g. Must had pushed a bit of rib out along with it!
  14. New ground, good start.

    The estate owners have a dog and regularly walk the ground. They want to avoid any risk of it retrieving a manky gralloch back to them wagging its tail or, worse still, wolfing it down and throwing it up on the living room rug later... a dedicated site seemed like the solution.
  15. New ground, good start.

    Dead right - Ironically I’d been trying to enquire about the stalking there for years but couldn’t even get the name of the person to talk to! Im not really a fan shooting this late in the season so it’s a bit bittersweet. I want the stalking but the estate wants results and it’s hard to argue the case for an excess of pregnant does when they’re doing so much damage to the estates interests.
  16. Fallow cull today

    Better than me as well.. I was sat on my arse at work all day! Great day you had there mate, nice work.
  17. I had another reminder text about the number of deer on one of time farms I manage... apparently they were everywhere but even one would have been too many for this chap! I’d been trying to delay going over as my game larder is temporarily out of action and doubling up as a kitchen while we have an extension done and I’d been told by the wife in no uncertain terms was I not to bring anything back. Anyway, the farmer also casually mentioned that someone had knocked on his door asking about the shooting so I had to put a show in. It was pretty bloody chilly at 06:15 this morning in Somerset but I thought I had a good omen when 15 yards from the car I found a shed antler that was pretty much frozen into the frosty ground. What breeze there was was bitter and a look around the exposed lower reaches of the ground unsurprisingly yielded nothing. By the time I made it back to the truck the sun was up and would be hitting a bank of brush nearby so before heading home I went to pay it a visit as deer would be no doubt have holed up in it during the bitter night. I got there just as 4 were emerging from the brush onto a sun drenched bank. A nice plump doe follower looked just right so I made towards her. Reckoning on a nice looking tump of earth to take a prone shot.. I was only feet from it and they were oblivious to me. One last lunge and I’d be at the spot..... Rrrrrrriipp! The seat of my moleskin trousers parted spectacularly, the deer heads went up, clocked me, and buggered off! Standing up the breeze howled through the gap which was so big my moleskins looked more like a riding chaps🤠. Sod that so I packed off home, stopping in at a place a few more minutes from my house to just glass a hedgerow as an afterthought. A doe and a follower were 200+ m away against a bank of earth and the follower was making very heavy weather of it with what looked like a foreleg injury. Groaning and putting the Full English I’d been thinking about to the back of my mind I kitted up again and hopped out the truck. I got to within 160m and the adult doe clocked me and raised the alarm. The shot of sticks was a bit hasty out of necessity and took the follower in the brisket but, fortunately, both forelegs as well and she rolled down the bank. I thought I’d have to dispatch her but the 6.5 TTSX head had done it’s job so ‘all’ I had to do was scramble over brambles and stinging nettle stalks to retrieve her... getting poked and scratched on the ass both ways. I was in no mood to have a earfull about bringing a deer home so I hung her up in a barn at the farm to do something with later. The cold I was moaning about earlier will buy me some time but not some new trousers!
  18. Wardrobe malfunction

    Glad I’m not alone! It would definitely have been the long way round if any barbed wire fences were involved.. the brambles were bad enough! Just glad I wasn’t going commando!
  19. Antlers

    I’ve got a box of the things somewhere mate... I’ll have a look and post you a few.
  20. Backpack hunting

    Great idea - I’ve been to NZ myself and can see how that would inspire you! Wouldn’t fancy packing a red out over their hills though as those fellas like to sling them over their shoulder... it’s bad enough with a roe. Something I’d definitely like to do with my lad when he’s older, also do a winter one in a cabin or yurt.... and where you can rack them up on a pole outside and not worry about the flies.
  21. some of the deer we have had

    That’s a real shame Les. Looking at it closer the wound looks too small for a centerfire exit and too big for a centerfire entry to me. Could well be a .22 LR exit although someone would have to particularly bloody stupid to try that... failing that maybe a .223 or similar with vmax type head which mostly vaporised and where only a bit of the base was able to exit... or an arrow??! Either way the poor bugger didn’t deserve it and with a head like that would most likely have made someone’s season.
  22. Antlers

    £6 for a large roe antler... seems a bit deer.
  23. Few does

    Great morning you had there, love the pics. No missing that blood trail is there!
  24. some of the deer we have had

    Anyone can pull a shot, it’s what happens next that counts. Very nice bucks all the same.
  25. Good morning

    Proper job Rich - nice weather to let them chill out in a well, that’s a great pic👍