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  1. Id be glad of anything with a nose when following up a wounded deer in cover.
  2. Skinned Carcass Colour

    Both were chest shot and were oblivious beforehand, the pale one made 10m or so not much more. I thought it might be something to do with it being both a younger animal and hanging them in the skin but never noticed it this much before. Either way I’m keen to avoid it as it’s not very attractive for the chefs I’m selling it to.
  3. Every day is a school day so hopefully the answer to this is obvious. Please enlighten me. The roe in the left was a yearling follower hung in the skin for a week. It was skinned on the same day as the roe on the right, an adult doe, skinned on the day it was shot. The picure was taken the following day. Why the hell does one look like Venison and the other like Michael Jackson?!
  4. Rats Are Back

    Feckin stink as well - I got desperate as used poison for the ones that got trap shy in the attic. Solved the problem but by Christ does it smell up there... and the flies coming down through the light fittings🤢🤢 blahhhh!
  5. Getting to old !

    A hard days fun you’ve had there Rich. A nice hot toddy in front of the fire and those aches won’t feel quite so bad👍. Saying that my mate who dragged that 40lb roe deer a few meters up a hill was walking like he’d been hit by a car this morning😂
  6. Dog introduction

    That’s where I went wrong - I’d have had two if I’d paid more attention to the dog I expect. Nice going this morning Rich 👍
  7. A room with a view

    Probably just as well I can’t shoot from the seated position or I’d spend all day in there!
  8. 1st try with Pheasant Sausages

    I was cynical to be honest as I’m ashamed to say I’m not a massive fan of pheasant. These were really very tasty, even my kids we’re tucking into them.
  9. Dog introduction

    Be a while yet for me sadly... Got to get this damn house fixed first!
  10. Dog introduction

    After seeming to spend most of the weekend messing about I managed to get out this evening and extended an invite to a fella I work with who has a young dog he’s gundog training. He lives near a bit of ground I shoot and his 10 mth bitch was making good progress so I said bring her along if he wanted. It would make a nice change to have the security blanket of a dog to help you find those last light runners! Anyway, we did a bit of walking - the dog saw something I didn’t but I didn’t realise til a roe was bounding away. After that the dog needed another mile to calm itself down! Got to a nice observation point just before last light and had just got comfortable when an adult doe and Buck still in hard antler came bounding into the field. They relaxed and began to graze, obviously by themselves. The dog was unsighted when doe took the 6.5 square in the chest and dropped on the spot. We took the dog to where the deer entered the field and fair play to her she went straight to it... handy👍. Another plus point was my mate was there to drag it up the hill! Now that’s a result! She was a nice plump doe... made the fella sweat some!
  11. Look out this morning

    Lucky you didn’t snag yourself on that blade Tim. Nice young animal there.. sounds like that area will be worth another visit.
  12. A room with a view

    I wish it was my land! I’ve got the permission on it, rabbits along the lower hedge line which I have a crack at every now and then. Always tempting just before work when I’m brushing my teeth and I can see them hopping about! Quite a few pheasants about as well but I don’t shoot them encourage them with a feeder. Reckon it’s important my son sees and appreciates it’s not about fragging everything you see. I did raise and try to release some white ones to roam with them but the bloody rats got them.
  13. A room with a view

    Our upstairs loo has a great view of a sitty tree and, another 15 meters or so back, some power lines so every time I’m at home doing some chores I’ve always got one eye on the window. Could have had a lot more shots had I had the time but the five times I did pick up the HW100 all counted👍.
  14. 1st try with Pheasant Sausages

    Yep.... I’ll be doing these again👌
  15. 1st try with Pheasant Sausages

    Not yet mate - only finished them an hour ago. A day or so in the chiller should see them plump up and get the flavours through them.