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  1. A quick round

    NV is definitely a game changer Rez, this was more of a recon session and I find NV takes quite a bit longer (unless you have a thermal spotter... still saving!), hence the lamp on this occasion. The rabbits here were pretty green fortunately so the lamp came up trumps. Hell of a lot of dicking about to get ready for a shot though with a handheld lightforce striker!
  2. A quick round

    Cheers Matt - I like processing game almost as much as I like hunting and eating it. It’s a hobby in itself.. only it helps pay for the hunting part!
  3. A quick round

    Hadn’t been to the golf course for a while and was reminded by the green keeper of the fact yesterday. Popped over for a swift circuit last night with the HW100, lamp, sticks and length of rope (to string them on) for a look about. Overcast, dark with only enough breeze to tell it’s direction. First corner and a rabbit was right in front of me at about 40m. I spent so long getting my my act together it ran in so I practised the routine of getting the airgun up on the sticks again with the lamp off (Its second nature with my centre fire but entirely different with the airgun which doesn’t have a sling). Anyway, I flicked the lamp back on and the silly rabbit had popped back out a little further up. I guessed the holdover, let fly and slotted it straight in the head. Good start. I hocked him on a branch and made for the green of the first hole. I saw a bunny disappearing over a bunker so reading the wind approached from the right direction. Three were there happily munching and playing about not 25m away.. whack, whack, whack and in not more that 10 seconds and three more were down. It was at this point that I realised I’d left my stringer rope behind so I hocked these on a tree as well. Managed 3 more before calling it a night - ready for delivery to a local restaurant today.
  4. A bit of return karma

    Nice going tyla - he looks stoked.
  5. Sika

    Hang on... while I was puffing a grunting up that hill dragging that stag you were skipping along behind taking pictures!😂 Fair play to George - that was a difficult approach and the prone shot was from a soaking, stoney patch of ground. Both shots were at around 140m as well so a cool head on his shoulders and after watching you run 400m to congratulate him, grinning like an idiot the whole way, I could tell it meant as much to you as it did to him! Must have been a proud moment for you, can’t wait to do that with my own lad when he’s older. My two the following day were almost carbon copy of George’s stalk except there were a few more eyes on the look out. A group was in the same field although a bit further along and included a nice 6 pint stag, two hinds with followers a switch stag and two prickets . The two prickets were the same size but one had a crappy head so I neck shot that off the bipod from the same freezing, wet gateway at around 140m, the switch stag presented a chest shot moments later at around 160 and only made 20m before piling up. The bigger stag and remaining pricket presented shots a little further on but two was enough for me and besides the group looked quite nicely balanced so I let them be and felt all the better for it.
  6. Started reloading recently and bought a few boxes of Barnes 120gr TTSX for my 6.5x55. I originally went in the shop after some Hornady SST but they didn’t have any and after a chat with the gunsmith about how I was looking for accuracy for more head / neck shots and also reduce shoulder damage with chest shots thought I’d give them a try. It was only after buying them I found a few articles questioning their terminal performance and likening them to amax or fmj! Thanks to a trip down to Dicehorn I knew my load was moving at 2840fps on average and a helpful chap at Barnes had offered me some reassurance on expansion velocity (I suppose he would though wouldn’t he!) so we were ok here. Early days on the testing them for real but looking promising after a visit to Dorset at the weekend. Atlas joint shot a sika pricket at around 140/150m and the then chest shot a young switch stag at 160 who only made 20m. Tiny exit hole but plenty of damage inside - I’ve seen them go a lot further with Ballistic tipped lead ammo and soft points. Early days but looking promising.
  7. First attempt - got lucky

    Thanks Peter - great to see you yesterday and many thanks for the load advice and chrono help! You had to protect the window cleaner from those vicious dogs of yours so don’t worry about the soup! That 20 Tac both looked and did the business - wish the rounds I brought down grouped like those.. bet you thought I drilled those holes myself!! A little more time at the bench required. I’ll keep in touch and also let you know how these TTSX work on game as opposed to Ballistic gel. Thanks again Matt
  8. A wet one

    You’re right there - both were decent weights a very clean.
  9. First attempt - got lucky

    Yes mate👍 Feeling very smug and relieved. Still need to see how fast it’s going so to we’ll see what happens. Using Barnes copper bullets is a new one for me so I’d be interested to hear from anyone with experience with their terminal performance - especially at these sort of speeds.
  10. First attempt - got lucky

    Hi Peter - very many thanks for your reply. I’ll take you up on your kind offer and ping you an email if that’s ok and may tap you up for a few other tips if that’s ok with you 👍. It is a 22” barrel and some of the cases did show some obturation but there were no signs of excess pressure that I could see.
  11. .22 Long accuracy

    From my experience: Winchester Super X: Accurate, big hollow point so good stopping power. Eley subs: Extremely accurate, not as consistent at stopping chest shot bunnies as the Winnie’s... but then you’ll be headshooting more. CCI subs: Inconsistent shite.
  12. Had my first crack at reloading today after spending ages staring at the kit and fretting. The aim was start the development of a load for my 6.5x55. The ingredients were Lapua brass, CCI benchrest primers, Vihtavuori N160 and Barnes 120 grain TTSX. I was hoping for an MV of around 2800 and figured this would be phase one of a long road. There were several false starts on the run up to today due to not having little but essential bits of equipment. Needless to say this gave me more time to research which only served to get me totally bloody confused as the data seemed to vary depending on where you got it from. I couldn’t stump up for a chronograph so decided to keep below the book max of 46.1gr and make up 7 strings of 3 rounds with 0.5gr increments from 42 to 45 grains checking each case for signs of pressure. Book seating depth varied enormously depending on where you looked (even more so with all copper heads) so I took some advice and went with a mean average giving me a COL of 2.885. The first group was better than my existing factory ammo and the recoil felt less than my airgun! Things got better from there, strings 3&4 were cloverleafs, 5 was only two rounds as I spilt the powder but they were touching, the fourth would have been as well but I pulled it and the last group (45gr) would have had elbow room inside a 5p coin. MV is a mystery but judging from the book it could be between 2750 and 2850 fps... with accuracy like this at 100m I can’t say I care too much.
  13. Doves and rats

    Cheers fellas - yeah the rats were frustrating as they didn’t like the lamp at all. Had one good stand by a pile of tyres where I cleaned out 6 or 7 in a few minutes. The pics don’t do justice to the size of some of them.. mind you I also shot one not much bigger than my thumb... it went pop😂
  14. A wet one

    I can imagine... thanks an easy £80-100 magically turned into 50ps worth of scrap metal😩. I’ve got a set of the seeland/ decoy ones but the yoke’s seem to want to loosen themselves the more you open / close them... a basic but important design floor as you’d have more chance shooting freehand when they’re loose.
  15. A wet one

    Ohh know, gutted! I’m a total convert now, mine were a bloody nightmare at first but turns out they were a bit lose... after a ratchet up they’re great now. This Charlie was headshot at 130m away and reckon I could have done it all day long.