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  1. Welly Size? ?

    Old woman told me that you should have the best footwear you can get and the best bed because if you are in one or you are in the other don't skimp
  2. Grey Partridges

    if you only knew better how much do you know about them
  3. Grey Partridges

    had partridge sitting on 26 eggs in aviary saw 21 chicks tonight heres hoping
  4. Grey Partridges

    well done hedge crawler are you going to keep or release mine were mental when I first got them but now are well tame eating alongside the canaries and a few british what I have
  5. Grey Partridges

    got a few grey partridge pairs in my aviarys great for picking up seed anyone else have them one sitting on nest just now
  6. do anyone put ash from the woodburner on the garden
  7. Chapped Hands

    i am a bricky also get snowfire from chemist i can tell within a day you will feel the difference. cant sing the praises of this enough cheers
  8. How Many Of You Lads Feed Your Flight Ponds

    after feeding rowan berries had a shot last night cant believe how many ducks came in.
  9. How Many Of You Lads Feed Your Flight Ponds

    been collecting a couple of buckets of rowan berries a day they seem to like. plenty of feathers since using them
  10. have caught 3 mink in garden in last week. trap is always set is this unusual never had one all year
  11. 3X2 slabs

    joking apart slabs are not the best for kennels ive done it and everything gets in the joints and smells cheers
  12. partridge preparation

    partriges deserved to be plucked not to hard to do
  13. Muslin

    put used sloes on a tray and cover in chocolate lovely