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  1. Indentification

    Great singers
  2. Wild birds and the cold.

    Osprey back at loch of the Lowe's they have live webcam good to see
  3. Who wants it then

    My dog was accused of chasing the postman on his bike but my dog can't ride a bike
  4. Adverse Weather Preparations

    Outer reaches have nurses can't get to work because they don't have four wheel drive.roads closed for days on end it's hard in some places
  5. Adverse Weather Preparations

    Depends where you stay out in the sticks with roads totally impassable different scenario
  6. Wild birds and the cold.

    mistle thrush eating cotaneaster berries that have been on bush for a couple of years.4 bullfinches eatin nettle seeds and blackberry seeds must be getting short on wild food
  7. Wild birds and the cold.

    At least 50 cormarants on river beside me and still building up.happens every time the lochs get frozen big spawning bit for salmon and grayling they don't have a chance
  8. Knowing the right time

    you licked my hand late last night was it to let me know your alright I feel your presence in the breeze And gently passing by my knees And there you go after the big brown hare When time stood still without a care Ive seen you sitting by the gate Like you used to do when I was late But I'm lying here in the cold grey dawn Afraid to wake because youll be gone
  9. Snowing

    Just watched the pathe news on YouTube about the snow in 1963 wouldn't want that
  10. Log burner

    Look at makita saw horse on YouTube that's what I use
  11. the wifes merc

    Reversed into pick up in my drive insurance sorted it .Had no claims protection when got my insurance renewal it had went up said protection didn't cover accident and they put up the Mrs insurance also as I was a named driver on his no more protection from me
  12. lost car keys

    Were they in your hand when you put them down
  13. National lurcher racing club

    between blairgowrie and dunkeld
  14. National lurcher racing club

    Yes I was there being local spectating only was good to see other dogs working the alsatian cross was a good dog