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  1. Snowing

    Just watched the pathe news on YouTube about the snow in 1963 wouldn't want that
  2. Log burner

    Look at makita saw horse on YouTube that's what I use
  3. the wifes merc

    Reversed into pick up in my drive insurance sorted it .Had no claims protection when got my insurance renewal it had went up said protection didn't cover accident and they put up the Mrs insurance also as I was a named driver on his no more protection from me
  4. lost car keys

    Were they in your hand when you put them down
  5. National lurcher racing club

    between blairgowrie and dunkeld
  6. National lurcher racing club

    Yes I was there being local spectating only was good to see other dogs working the alsatian cross was a good dog
  7. Remember going to a competition up in Scotland think it was the first they had it half cross alsatian won it.must have been about 30 odd years ago .are they still on the go and doing trials
  8. Raw diet

    With all the Pheasants on the go just now does anyone use them .i boil them up and take all the bones out

    saw a wee laddie once licking the lamp post at a bus stop then along the barrier when passing in my motor
  10. unusual crosses

    wished I had a photo about 22 inches white with black ears and a few dappled spots.
  11. unusual crosses

    first dog that introduced me to hunting with dogs was a dalmation x deerhound rough coated was the farmdog but used to come to my house or my pals.Was great at hares and rabbits but about 50 years ago some dog still think of him now and again
  12. Welly Size? ?

    Old woman told me that you should have the best footwear you can get and the best bed because if you are in one or you are in the other don't skimp
  13. Grey Partridges

    if you only knew better how much do you know about them
  14. Grey Partridges

    had partridge sitting on 26 eggs in aviary saw 21 chicks tonight heres hoping
  15. Grey Partridges

    well done hedge crawler are you going to keep or release mine were mental when I first got them but now are well tame eating alongside the canaries and a few british what I have