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  1. beekeeping

    Not as much as the past couple of seasons, i requeened the 3 hives this year, two are on brood + half and one is on double brood so what ever they collected i left it for them to feed on, they all got 12ltrs of 2:1 thymol syrup and each hive weighed over 100lb, so hopefully that will see them through to spring.
  2. beekeeping

    This forum has gone from shit to even more shit unless you shoot shit guns and slaughter with that thermal image gear, Bee wise we are doing good and the girls are ready for winter.
  3. beekeeping

    You get out what you put in. It's not hard work but they need looking in on a regular basis.Health checks and varroa treatments. Swarm control, emergency feeding, record keeping etc There's a bit more to it than putting bees in a box and leaving them to it. Beekeepers in my area have struggled this year due to the wet weather and the prolonged June gap. The bees haven't been able to get out to forage and the plants haven't yielded sufficient nectar. This has led to feeding the bees more than usual. I had two newish colonies suffer badly as they had no stores. My larger colonies tucked into their stores which means I won't harvest much honey this year.
  4. How To Enter A Male Harris On Crow?

    I have missed rook and carrion with a male gos even with mugging them, A harriss has one chance and we know what that is. haha
  5. beekeeping

    I made a split from a calm colony and introduced a laying Queen into a 6 frame Nucleus , she was released from the cage on Saturday, the bees are calm so the candy plug option was not needed which would have meant another 3days in there for HRH.. happy days. The test frame from a nice colony placed in to a laying worker colony has one and only one Queen cell drawn from young brood, if this emerges and mates i will put the lottery on. This is a very aggressive colony note the little darlings guarding the Queen cell.
  6. Important Message

    Where you been you fanny? Cheers, D. The forum is well fooked like many others so i find better things to do with my time instead of bull x shite saluki x shite and more so the shooting side of things (night vision) nothing has a chance goes against the grain of hunting as i know it from my younger days.
  7. Important Message

    Dear god all mighty i'm emotional beyond belief from all the lovely comments from children who must have been spawned by Einstien's bollock yogurt. Gnasher Pm me if you have any questions.
  8. beekeeping

    Here is Susan she can be a right bitch at times, the last one was a old winter girl she will be dead soon, poor old Mable.
  9. beekeeping

    I can't be done with all this shooting stuff so i went and joined a tree hugging forum, it was good to start with but i later found out half of them where gay and after me so i bailed out.lol
  10. beekeeping

    They sure are intriguing little things, here is one of my girls gathering pollen from one of the many bulb's i planted for this spring..the weather is shit though so extra feeding is still needed.
  11. Fav Pic..

    They are there but the snow stopped play pretty quick.
  12. Fav Pic..

    Take your pick. http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/Millet2/library/Millet2
  13. New Lamp

    Same old faces.. lol Lightforce 170 with a 22amp li ion battery and a 140 lightforce with a 10amp li ion battery for back up incase you kill the 22 ..
  14. Important Message

    Not been on here for a while through cock end moderators, regardless of that i decided to to have a quick look BUT i was quickly sickened at the amount of shooting/gun pages, this forum need's a name change, maybe the Shooting life , . Good bye for now i may pop back on next year.. Sayonara.
  15. Poorly Finger

    It's pathetic beyond belief mate.. ..google cut finger and see what images pop up there.. this place is quickly becoming somewhere i don't like bothering with anymore..and believe it or not face book seem's a better option these day's..sad but true..