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  1. Great Neighbours!

    Not broke to goats then ? 😂😂😂
  2. Pheasant

    Pheasant for sale , Surrey . £1 a brace ,
  3. Wanting Permission And Land To Ferret On

    Just crack on man , tell them your a member on here if anyone asks 😂😂
  4. Big Cat Sighting

    is that in the same area as St. Albans ? the big cat tent at the frampton country fair had 20 report forms filled in weekend just gone that's 36 reported sightings at the two fairs the tent has been at near me this year, helps build a picture of hotspots and even helps figure out routes, have had a few in the area my cameras are in as well which is always reassuring, also saw the first edit of a documentary being put together which was quite good, especially the section on tooth pit identification on the bones of some of the kills, as it,s my favourite subject and it's been quiet for a while, I,ll throw another pic out for debate, got this a few weeks ago what are your opinions, the deer was still alive when found but unable to move so was this another deer rutting or the cat that has been seen on the same estate? That's a poor effort lol
  5. Big Cat Sighting

    So what would the law be on shooting one at night ?? Just wondering why gamekeepers who are out lampung three nights a week have never shot one ????
  6. Ferret Documentary.

    I remember seeing this back in the day 😃😃👍🏻
  7. Big Cat Sighting

    For what reason?Mating?surely they still do the same in Africa yet they can still pattern specific animals,anomalous BBC's have lets say been here for 50 years?40 years?instinctually they will still behave as their African or north American counterparts as darwins theory of evolution wasn't based over 40 or 50 years so they haven't had time to unlearn African or north American instincts and re-learn to suit this country. You mean like straying into towns and villages ,??
  8. Big Cat Sighting

    Sounds like Thl 😂😂😂
  9. Whats The Best Boot

    If the haix cold wet weather mountain boots had rubber across the toe to stop the leather scratching in brambles , that's the only fault with them . Plus having to look after them 😃😃😃😃 pAin in the rear ,
  10. Welly Boot Review

    yes mate i have,,,,its all i buy now,,,,£20 from decathlon,,,i found the fit perfect, light weight,,,i really like them How are they for warmth in the winter ,?
  11. Woodland For Sale

    Nowt wrong with Chelmsley........If you don't mind going shopping in your pyjamas and dodging mobility scooters every 10 yards! My, that place has changed! Matt I thought that read , dogging on mobility scooters 😂
  12. Does Anybody Have A Small Full Eu Hob?

    Surprised are resident E.U expert hasn't been along to offer advise , ??? Not seen or herd for a while ???
  13. Anyone In Need Of A Few Nets?

    Old socks and newspaper