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  1. Browning A Bolt .243

    Bargain for someone there matey.
  2. Tuned lgu

    I agree that the trigger is better on AA rifles, however this can be sorted, but as someone who has had apart one or two AA rifles, and the odd Walther, the engineering of the Walther internals is vastly superior to both AA or HW , and trust me on this, you will not get a spring rifle to shoot quieter than a Walther lgu/lgv once a moderator is fitted, cracking rifles.
  3. For Secretagentmole. Basic Physics. Enjoy.

    Just to add, the expression "point blank range" does not mean as many think that the shot is fired an inch away from the target, point blank actually refers to the point where bullet flight and zero point meet exactly.
  4. Sent Out Letters

    Cracking advice from all the lads there mate, I would just like to add, if you have any skills I.E bricky,roofer, mechanic etc, or even just a good pair of hands, offer some work in return for permission, it shows you are genuine, committed to your sport and dont want something for nothing (not saying you do by the way) give it a go and best of luck.
  5. Expensive

    Dearer than a hooker, for that price I would want it to suck me off when I got the cold arse treatment
  6. Si Pittaway........ The Squirrel Vigilante.

    Right ok Simon well you know the guy, but I am damn sure I watched one of VHTV films that began with a brief history of the guy, and an SAS badge appeared, strongly suggesting he had belonged to that regiment???? So Im buggered if I know why.
  7. Squirrels

    Mine fight like buggery over Squirrel, to be fair I like eating them, the Hawk likes eating them, so be a bit odd if Ferrets did not.
  8. Si Pittaway........ The Squirrel Vigilante.

    never new that cc that goes a long way to explaining how he blasts tiny lego men at 80yrd Yes as far as I am aware, he belonged to the same regiment as the likes of Andy McNab etc
  9. Si Pittaway........ The Squirrel Vigilante.

    Thinking about it, I cant imagine Si Pittaway being overly bothered by all this shi*e, after all any antis that watched VHTV could find out info about him, and lets not forget any publicity is good publicity eh? Anyone with a modicum of sense (which excludes antis of course) can see the Squirrels are being culled humanely and used as food, fu*k the DM carry on Squirrel hunters, in fact, how do I join,
  10. Si Pittaway........ The Squirrel Vigilante.

    I like the bit in the article where the rspca say such killing should be carried out by trained persons, if I am not mistaken, isnt Si Pittaway an ex special forces sniper? I think that covers the training bit rather well and with that in mind, good luck to any militant anti wan*ers that decide to go and try to assault him maybe he could include that in his next video lol.
  11. Pheasants

    Just to clear up any confusion, if the neighbouring land has a pheasant shoot, once they stray onto YOUR land they are YOUR birds, they no longer belong to the person or persons who reared/bought and released them, in the way that wild deer belong to nobody until they are dead, they then belong to the owner of the land upon which they ended up dead.
  12. Pheasants

    Disgusting man, dont you know a Pheasant should be shot with a shotgun? Seriously, head or neck shot, enjoy, eat well.
  13. Of Interest... Perhaps.

    As unfortunate and dreadful as it is, people killed or injured by firearms in this country amount to virtually zero, how many people are killed or maimed by drunk/drugged drivers every week, so why not the knee jerk reaction ????? Ban cars, N o of course not, even though in the last few years cars have been used by terrorists to good effect, but no, pick on the law abiding majority of firearm owners.Easy meat.
  14. Of Interest... Perhaps.

    From the shotgun perspective boys, you do not need any land to own a shotgun, you just need to meet the criteria of a suitable person, clay pigeon shooting is perfectly adequate a reason to own one, and I suspect if you have a SGC a sub 12 air rifle ticket would automatically be granted, as for FAC, providing your ground is passed suitable for the calibre you are applying for, or above, and you meet the required standard, then there is no reason why you cant have whatever you want, most large farms are passed for .22rf and many way above, all you need do to find out is ring the local FLD give them the address of the land/farm and ask what calibre the land is passed up to, most people start with a .22rf and then move up, as in Philpots case, 6 months of .22rf use will see him applying for a .222 .223 .22-250 or .243, etc I can feel him grinning as I type this
  15. Hw95K V Master Pro

    Put a Vortek kit in it after polish and de burr, it will be excellent.