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  1. NV and Thermal Pricing

    i can recommend ian
  2. i found out its off a CZ 200 s hunter https://www.afg-defense.eu/air-guns-cal.45mm/air-rifle-cz-200-s-hunter-cal.-4.5mm/
  3. found this in my box of bits does anyone know which gun its from i thought airarms ? im going to sell it on so i need to know what gun its for before i do its 14 inch long and 27mm in diameter with a 250 bar gauge in the end
  4. Trail XQ50 Rabbit Shooting

    its set to auto i will switch it to manual and see what thats like or shell i put it onto semi auto ill try them both see which ones best
  5. Trail XQ50 Rabbit Shooting

    hi i went out with the Trail for the frist time last night i only used it as a spotter as i have to order a Dovetail to Weaver / Picatinny Rail for it to fit my gun anyway when i was using thermal ever so often it would freeze for a second or two it did it 5 or 6 times have no idea why its doing this? i sent a pm to ian last night about it im just waiting for him to get back to me apart from that its was it was excellent /what a game changer
  6. Hi 

    looking for feedback on the thermal scope thanks

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    2. lee


      It's on auto and  Re calibrating ...


    3. ukhunter


      i just switched it to manual and see what is like   or shell i put it onto semi auto

      ill try them both see which ones best

    4. polishunter1



      seem others on other sites having same problem when cold want to buy one but can wait got a xq50 f for spotting off Ian outstanding.

  7. Trail XQ50 Rabbit Shooting

    just bought one of these off ian i can't wait for it to get here
  8. David Groves Night Vision

    used one cpl years ago very good little add-on with a good IR it was good out to 300yards
  9. Deben ferret finder

    what price you looking for it ?
  10. Trail XQ50 Rabbit Shooting

    what distance was you shooting them rabbits at
  11. .22 pcp air rifle

    got a nice rapid mk1 profile or a nice Webley Spector
  12. need a scope

    sent you a pm back bud
  13. need a scope

    i got a nikko stirling 4.5x16x50 ao for £43 posted but i do have others let me know if its any good to you
  14. Photon XT

    ill take this mate
  15. Scope Mounted

    which deben lamp is this ?