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  1. tb25

    What You Think?

    Very smart mate
  2. tb25

    Springer x Stafford

    Staffs have a great nose too..
  3. tb25

    Goals for 2018

    Nice to leave it all behind Dan mate..our past is not our future..?
  4. tb25

    Sharing permissions 👍

    Bit late on for the rabbits now
  5. tb25

    10 weeks

    Beauty that
  6. tb25

    Oswald the Lurcher

    Fell on his feet with you and the wife..I enjoyed that read..rip lad
  7. tb25

    Smart meters

    Eny one had one of these fitted as of yet?I have Hurd a few pros and cons about them .tin foil bregaid don't seem to keen on them lol..
  8. tb25


    A good fence paint will do the job mate
  9. tb25

    How to wind up the Mrs

    f**k letting a woman shit in the house why am there..I was with a girl 12 years and not once did she shit while I was there.the others 6 years never did to f**k that..or fart..if I Hurd that she be gone..
  10. tb25

    3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    One of my pet hates the divrence in price..be in a bitch being more or the colours..what's that about
  11. tb25

    How to wind up the Mrs

    1.2.3 parts of the makings on a killer there.ha
  12. tb25

    Best all rounder

    Always in bother that dotty is
  13. tb25

    3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    I wouldn't be picking a pup till I had seen it.. colour is the last thing add be worried about,a good out going confident pup is what I be looking for from a Hancock pup..
  14. tb25

    Commen buzzard

    Spot on ...enjoy
  15. tb25

    This is europe

    Lovely shot that.