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  1. Stickmaking, how hard/easy?

    Stick arrived today over the moon with it, dad hasn’t seen it yet but I know he will be too. Thanks again jok 👍🏼
  2. A huge thankyou to Jok

    I have already thanks jok both personally and in the original thread in the countryside skills section. But feel he deserves more. tuesday last week my dad had a stroke, tried to sleep it off and then had another the morning after, luckily he’s still himself mentally and is still in good moods and his personality is the same. However he has got some brain damage, lost use of his right eye and his right arm and leg are dodgy. But could of been worse so everyone’s happy. I posted on the countryside skills section asking just how hard it would be to make him a nice stick rather than them silver nhs ones. Without batting an eyelid jok is sending me a lovely stick with saluki style head which I know he will be made up with. When he offered me it it wasn’t a stick it was a bunch of components so I’m even more greatful that he’s went out of his way to assemble it and post me it. Again thanks a lot Jok me and the family appreciate it 👍🏼
  3. Stickmaking, how hard/easy?

    Have been speaking in chat with jok since his initial offer and cannot thank him enough for what he has done. Means a lot to both me and my mum. The old fella don’t know yet but sure he will be made up not having to use the silver nhs eye sore he’s been given. For anyone interested he’s himself in terms of mood and personality, slight brain damage, dodgy right eye, arm and leg. But could of been worse so we’re all happy 👌🏻
  4. Few recent pics

    Few more I’ve had to make small to upload so hope they still look okay. One is a terrible image I just included it for the amusement of the rat stratching the lurchers lip
  5. Few recent pics

  6. Few recent pics

    Here’s a few more I thought I’d uploaded but apparently have not my personal favourite being the first despite missing my focus
  7. Few recent pics

    Just a few recent pics not happy with the composition of the saluki divvy but won’t sit still so composition won’t be any better till my flash arm arrives and I can move about. Another from ratting other week, got loads more aswell.
  8. Last few days been a bit hectic, Tuesday night my dad had a stroke, didn’t know what it was and tried to sleep it off. Had another Wednesday morning, in hospital now and all seems okay. He has lost some brain cells, use of his right eye and most control of his left leg. He can put his weight on it but he’s unsteady. how easy/hard would it be for me to make a stick if I find a nice coursing handle on eBay?
  9. Hi, I live in Liverpool and don’t really see muntjac as they haven’t made it this far yet. Local deer parks enable me to photograph fallow and red deer easily. I’d like to photograph some muntjac this spring, got a picture in mind that I want. Can anyone recommend a nature reserve, public park etc. Where I can expect a dense muntjac population and therefore increase chances of seeing one as I’m gunna have to travel and don’t want to waste a trip? Preferably somewhere they see a lot of human traffic and are less shy. South birmingham, Oxfordshire area preferably but open to anywhere if it suits. I appreciate I’m asking people to tell me where I can find muntjac and this is a hunting site and as such people may be wary incase I’m just looking to poach. Hopefully the fact I’ve asked for busy public woods will put people at ease and I get some help. Thanks in advance.
  10. photoshop download

    Don’t know wether you went ahead with it but I have a laptop that won’t even turn on due to attempting the same thing. Be very careful.
  11. Help With Saluki Lines...

    Got my info on jbs Luke from the below threads http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/192676-jason-bradford-luke/page-2 http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/309440-jason-bradfords-luke/?fromsearch=1
  12. Help With Saluki Lines...

    Sorry but that's confused me, is my ped right or wrong? Thanks for help
  13. Help With Saluki Lines...

    Hi wonder if anyone can help fill in a few gaps. I'm particularly interested in the highlighted boxes but in case image is too small they are listed below: Leonard moss match bitch Willie toughs roxy Jb's Sally Dd's Sally Ghost (ghost x duke = sherry) And lastly a bitch called Lay. Any help or corrections elsewhere would be appreciated 👍🏼 Thanks in advance...
  14. Few Recent Pics (Carp, Other Stuff)

    It is mate