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  1. Turkey Hunting.

    I see a few sausage dogs around these days, funny little things they are.
  2. Funny Joke Thread

    "I invited a friend for supper" he said to his wife. "Are you crazy? The house is a mess and I don't feel like cooking a fancy meal" The husband said "I know all that." The wife replied "Then why did you invite him?" He said "Cause the poor fool's thinking about getting married."
  3. Turkey Hunting.

    That dachshund as earned over $100,000 just in YouTube earnings. He put plenty of food on your table lol.
  4. Turkey Hunting.

    Haha I find dachshunds funny, they’re like the midgets of the fog world. 😀
  5. Turkey Hunting.

    Not a fan of stuff like this normally but this did make me laugh.
  6. A message from Gnasher.

    Have a like on me butty, looks like you could do with a few. 😀
  7. A message from Gnasher.

    He’s a bit backward is Kev, he’s one of them “aggressive passive” types. In his spare time he’s Joey Essex’s stunt double. 😏
  8. Next years fishing comp.

    We’d have to super glue hair back on for Bry. 😀
  9. My new gang

    Cracking stuff Kev, love seeing the kids out and about.
  10. How's it going?

    Alright Dai, you and Trish well i hope?
  11. How's it going?

    Haha.........Never had a parking ticket i haven't mun.
  12. How's it going?

    Hows tricks fatty?
  13. How's it going?

    Aye all good down this way thanks butty, hows the Highlands treating you?
  14. How's it going?

    Not been on for a while, hows it been going for everybody? Hope everybodies well.
  15. Netflix Sjw Series - Destruction Needed

    I'd say it may have the opposite effect and people will watch to see what the controversy is about.