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  1. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

  2. Pups first season

    Cheers, that pic was him around a year old, if he keeps going how he’s started be a great tool 👍
  3. Pups first season

    magoo pup 5/8 3/8, coming 14 months showing promise
  4. Wheaten Greyhounds

    1/4 cross bitch doing everything I ask of her
  5. In Northern Ireland just looking out with genuine lads willing to travel pm me thanks
  6. really bored today took some pics

    dogs looking well tommy, did u keep any of them pups i had off u?
  7. out a dander

    bit of everything, worker 2 worker ,bred by tommy off a this site he would no better
  8. out a dander

    terrier pup and lurcher dog another wrong place wrong time
  9. my dogs

    collie bull cross doing well better pic
  10. my dogs

    terrier pup around ten month old breb by fella off this site and my lurcher
  11. Terrier locators

    you not gonna answer my question bobo?
  12. Terrier locators

    much for a terrier box n collar? goiong two good home in ireland cheers
  13. terrier pup

    not sure bred by tommy 1967 off this site